3 things to know if you want to renew your Malaysian passport


No use for the 13e most powerful passport in the world if it has expired.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge for a year and a half. From couples forced to live apart due to the closure of international borders to cabin fever born from the inability to travel abroad, the respite is finally granted by the Malaysian government. Citizens can now get on a plane and quench their desire to travel. Wait, what if your passport expires? Unlike the pre-pandemic time when you could just walk into the Immigration Department’s office out of the blue and expect to get a new lease in an hour, things are now done a little differently.

Here is a list of things to know if you are planning to renew your Malaysian passport.

By appointment only

Strictly no walk-in closet. To make an appointment, you must go to the portal indicated below, select the desired office and time slot, and wait for confirmation. Although you will need to bring the existing passport and NRIC, the appointment letter issued by the Immigration Department must also be printed. Otherwise, you will be refused entry. Don’t worry, the next vacancy is at least a few weeks from the day you apply. And oh, wear a dark collared shirt to avoid putting on a one-size-fits-all jacket worn by everyone before you.

There are plans to make the renewal process fully online in 2022.

Book your appointment here

Online renewal

Save yourself the trouble of booking, waiting and rushing to the place. The Malaysian passport can be renewed online, but you must collect it in person. The most demanding task remains meeting the strict photo requirements.

Renew online here

Electronic payment, no cash

The reason you might want to renew now, even if you don’t plan to fly in the immediate future, is to take advantage of the significant savings. The charge levied on the 5 year validity for 13 and 59 year olds is RM200. Seniors pay only RM100. If you are renewing your passport in person, keep in mind that only credit cards, debit cards, and the Touch ‘n Go e-wallet are accepted. Cash was banned. You always receive the new passport one hour after payment.


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