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This webinar will use an in-depth review and analysis of Level 1 Inspection Reports, to show a clear picture of trends, patterns and themes within the exceptional layout. Our analysis will show the national inspection landscape, the primary wording used in the top-rated provision, and how vendors can prove excellence or elevate the game to Outstanding. With behind-the-scenes insight into many of these inspections, background details can provide clarity around the features detailed in the reports.

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Speaker – Kerry Boffey and Peter Staceys

Kerry is the CEO of the Adult Learning Improvement Network (ALIN). She has held leadership positions in ITPs and has held interim leadership positions for colleges and specialty colleges. As a former Ofsted inspector, with 18 years’ experience, Kerry has worked across the UK and on international projects, managing teams and suppliers on very challenging inspections due to their complexity . This deep understanding of inspection, along with concerns about a lack of effective supplier preparation, was the driving force behind the Fellowship of Inspection Nominees (FIN), which Kerry founded in 2018. FIN membership includes all types of suppliers, Kerry and his support the team and reinforce the role of the candidate in the preparation of the inspections of Ofsted. This is a national network that raises the profile and importance of a well-trained and highly effective candidate. Kerry works closely with vendors offering superior learnings, develops leadership teams and advises on governance.

Peter has worked as a full time inspector and inspection manager for post 16 education and training for over 15 years. More recently, Peter has worked as a business and quality improvement consultant for universities, colleges, independent learning providers, local authorities and the offending learning sector. It also contributes to the work of national and international organizations on all aspects of leadership and management to ensure that high levels of performance are demonstrated and can withstand rigorous external scrutiny. Prior to becoming an inspector, Peter was an advanced practitioner teacher and lecturer before rising to leadership positions in several post-16 regional and national institutions. Peter has worked with a number of national certification bodies on program design and quality control and is a speaker at national industry best practice events. Peter is considered a leading figure in the design and management of apprenticeship programs.

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