Are online skincare prescription services safe?

Although many online skincare prescription websites claim to provide personalized help, Dr. Mahto thinks face-to-face conversations are much more fruitful, especially when it comes to ethics and certain ingredients. Take hydroquinone, for example, often prescribed to treat hyperpigmentation. The ingredient can be found in skin lightening creams in high concentrations and mixed with harmful substances like mercury, which means some fear using it. “There is now a lot of awareness of hydroquinone in black and Asian communities, and a lot of people don’t want to use it because they don’t want to be seen bleaching their skin,” says Dr. Mahto . But there’s a difference between bleaching your skin and treating a localized area, she continues. “I had a patient recently who didn’t want to use a hydroquinone product because of all the negative connotations. With this particular patient, I spent about 30 minutes explaining that there is a big difference to using low concentration hydroquinone in a controlled manner for an area of ​​hyperpigmentation, as opposed to skin lightening, where it can be used in an uncontrolled area and you don’t know what it is with Online, it’s not as easy to have a detailed, open conversation with the dermatologist prescribing your skincare, as Dr. Mahto explains, “There’s an ethic that comes with the conversation. Unless you sit down and talk to someone, it’s hard.”

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