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In the final column, news about young baseball players competing in the Palo Alto Little League Championship Finals, Santa Clara County’s first children’s official, and Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware.

WHAT A RETURN… The 2022 Palo Alto Little League Municipal Championship ended with a face-to-face between Bike connection and Agile.

Bike Connection was a strong contender with 15 regular-season wins heading into the tournament, but surprisingly suffered its first loss on May 21 against Agile, who came away with an 11-3 win, according to the league registrar. Richard Sousa. Agile paxton liu pitched a full game that day for his team, which had previously won only three regular season games.

The last game between the two teams on May 23 drew a large crowd at Palo Alto Baseball Stadium on Middlefield Road, Sousa said. Bike Connection kicked off the showdown with four runs in the first moto, with help from James Youngis a two-out, three-run double. Agile’s Liu responded with a double play that ended the second set.

Bike Connection brought their “clutch kick”, which carried the team through the season to the game, as seen through Alex TranThe two-out single in the third inning that lifted his team 7-1. Agile fought back late in the third set with an exchange that was thrown by Seabastian Tung‘s single and followed up with a two-out RBI single, according to Sousa.

In the end, Bike Connection won the tournament 17-7, but Agile took the loss with grace. “Nobody gave us a chance in the tournament”, manager Agile Marc Burton said. “Starting as the number five seed, we turned that into a positive.” Bike Connection manager Rich Kimble applauded his team, which he called “a special group of kids”.

LAWYER FOR CHILDREN… Sarah Dufywho began serving as Santa Clara County’s first chief children’s officer this week, may be a familiar face to some Palo Altans.

She is a longtime analyst, strategist and manager of children’s programs who was part of the Community Services Department until last month, according to his LinkedIn profile.

“This leadership role is centered around children and the policies that affect them,” the county supervisor said. Susan Ellenberg said in a May 27 press release. “The Children’s Officer will work with our community partners to be a direct advocate for children, explore new funding opportunities, and establish connections and coordination among county programs,” Ellenberg said.

Duffy, who took up his new role on Tuesday, also brings nearly 10 years of experience as a data and evaluation manager to the Department of Children, Youth and Families of San Francisco.

The new job is part of an effort to serve the 440,000 children who live in the county. In its 2021-22 budget, the county earmarked $1 billion for children’s services, most of which is funded by federal and state governments, among other sources. The $1 billion represents about 11% of the county’s total budget, according to the news release.

“Santa Clara County leaders really understand the needs of young people and their families,” Duffy said. “This office will support the implementation of high priority council-supported initiatives, as well as organizing the county in promoting equity and creating opportunities for children and youth.”

JOINING FORCES… Based in Palo Alto vmware will be acquired by a software company Broadcom via a cash and stock transaction valued at $61 billion, according to a joint May 26 press release.

As part of the agreement, Broadcom Software Group plans to change its name and operate as VMware, a cloud computing giant that is one of the largest tenants of Stanford Research Park.

“Combining our assets and talented team with Broadcom’s existing enterprise software portfolio, all hosted under the VMware brand, creates a remarkable enterprise software player,” said VMware CEO. Raghu Raghuram said.

San Jose-based Broadcom will also take on $8 billion of VMware’s debt. Chairman and CEO of Broadcom Shank Tan echoed Raghuram’s sentiments in the statement. “This transaction combines our core semiconductor and infrastructure software businesses with an iconic pioneer and innovator in enterprise software, as we reimagine what we can offer customers as a technology company. world-class infrastructure,” Tan said.

The deal is expected to be one of the biggest tech acquisitions, overdue Microsoftproposed acquisition of the video game company ActivisionBlizzard in an all-cash transaction valued at $68.7 billion, according to multiple media outlets. Microsoft has made its plan public in January.

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