Book your campsite on Expedia: RoverPass integration

The integration between campsite booking startup RoverPass and online travel agency juggernaut Expedia could change the way you book RV sites.

RoverPass, Austin, TX-based campsite booking platform announced an integration with Expedia today. The move will allow travelers to view thousands of campsites currently available through RoverPass on the Expedia site.

This partnership is the latest such initiative for RoverPass, which has also integrated with Airbnb and in recent years.

“At the heart of our mission, RoverPass is to make booking outdoor travel as easy as possible,” said RoverPass CEO Ravi Parikh. in a report. “The integration with Expedia is a huge stepping stone for us and helps keep both parties – campground owners and campers themselves – engaged and excited for future camping seasons.”

Expedia reaches 18 million users in the United States each month. It currently offers airline ticket reservations, cruise ship reservations, car rentals, package deals and hotel reservations. To this, RoverPass will add thousands of available campsites in all 50 US states, as well as locations in Mexico and Canada.

“Expedia’s potential reach is enormous and its reputation has helped them achieve a prominent place in the world of online travel,” a RoverPass spokesperson said in a press release obtained by Woodall Campground Magazine. “Travelers consistently report that Expedia locations and partners are among their top five considerations when researching new destinations.”

The Airbnb campsite

Jay Manickam and Paul Cross founded RoverPass in 2014. The original concept was to help individual campgrounds fill their inventory through a central reservation system.

Now the company operates as a sort of Airbnb campground — a portal where campground managers can list available locations, and campground users can search for availability and make reservations. The company currently focuses primarily on recreational vehicles and camping carstyle campgrounds but hopes to expand to a wider range of travel and outdoor recreation options in the future.

Making campgrounds bookable on Expedia can have pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s sure to be a boon for independent campgrounds struggling to fill spots. On the other hand, Americans are already crowding outside in numbers never seen before.

In light of today’s news, it’s possible that small, quiet, secluded campgrounds will soon have a very different vibe.

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