Buckhorn: Frozen magic is coming to Lakehurst this winter

Frozen Too Snowy Adventures is at Woolley Wonderland Farms to entertain those near and far. Elsa is here from Arendelle to welcome anyone anticipating a snow farm adventure. Kristoff is at the farm leading his shaggy “reindeer” for a winter sleigh ride through the snowy landscape.

Play ring toss with Sven, spot Bruni the spirit of fire, take a photo with the photogenic Olaf in the snowy area. You could build a snowman or a snow chicken. At Frozen Too, there are shovels to dig, frozen flying discs to throw and catch, and tunnels for visitors to crawl through.

Wandering Oaken deals with miniature critters and includes a “reindeer” encounter. You can pet, brush and have your picture taken with the shaggy mini equines. Oaken has other farm friends at the trading post including mini cows, donkeys, goats, ducks, chickens, sheep and alpacas to meet, pet and take a selfie.

If you opt for the sleigh ride, bring a costume for a photo with one of the Frozen Too characters. Then you’ll be escorted on a sleigh ride with the tunes of Frozen floating through the air as you glide through the snow.

After the sleigh ride, warm your feet around the bonfire with a cup of hot chocolate.

Woolley Wonderland Farms in Lakehurst, just north of Peterborough, is an icon in the region for providing fun farm experiences for children and adults. The farm is 40 minutes north of Peterborough, 90 minutes from the top of Toronto and 10 minutes west of Buckhorn. When you book your tour you get full instructions with health and safety protocols.

Reserve your specific time with online booking for weekend adventures through February 27. They are open for family day. Visit crittervisits.ca to visit Frozen Too.

Buckhorn Community Center

The BCC is open again Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm. And one of the best things I’ve seen on their website is that they are selling soup again. It’s so good. Potato leeks, mushrooms and wild rice, hearty sausage are just three of the eight flavors available. Go to the BCC website and order online or call 705-657-8833.

And there is more than soup. Fitness classes are starting to start with other activities starting later in the month. Director Judy McWhirter says more events and activities are on the horizon as COVID guidelines continue to move forward.

One project the BCC will fundraise for in 2022 is a backup generator! With a backup generator, the BCC never needs to shut down or cancel programs and events due to a power outage. The goal is $60,000. Buy some soup!

There are still COVID requirements at the BCC. Visitors are required to show proof of vaccination with the QR code.

Buckhorn Public School

Buckhorn Public School will celebrate the 100th day of school this year. And, yes, as noted in Buckhorn Necessities, it’s been a whole year. The character price for this month is Initiative. This month, the staff chose the students’ parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends for their character award winners. The school is grateful to this group for taking the initiative to support the school during these times.

Online kindergarten registration is now open. BPS plans to welcome new students. Your child can attend kindergarten if they are four years old or kindergarten if they are 5 years old by December 31, 2022. Enrollment information can be found at https://www.kprschools. ca/en/our_schools/findaschool/schoolregistration.html

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