Cash Pricing Will Dominate Air Cargo Bookings As Digitalization Continues To Drive Market Evolution

AVitaly Smilianets, CEO of wery Aviation Software (Awery) told delegates thate CNS Partnership Conference 2022 that fixed rate booking would not return in the short term

The fundamental shift in the COVID-accelerated air cargo booking process is here to stay due to the adoption of digitalization.

“A side effect of the COVID pandemic has been a fundamental shift from long-term contract fares to one-time booking as capacity dwindles and demand increases,” Smilianets said.

“At the same time, the adoption of digitization by airlines has introduced huge efficiencies, making pricing faster and more responsive.

“For this reason, we anticipate that even if air cargo capacity increases, whether through increased passenger flights or investment in freighters, airlines will not return to fixed fares.”

Awery’s suite of services includes CargoBooking, which automates booking processes and provides instant quotes.

It converts incoming email quote requests into instant quotes and its quote management system provides published rates, contract rates and allowances, as well as spot or promotional rates.

“The change started because of COVID, but the change is here to stay because of technology,” Smilianets said.

“Airlines have done a fantastic job adapting to new processes, embracing digitalization to adapt to the changing business landscape.

“By embracing digitalization, the industry is building business resilience and future-proofing for the next challenge.”

Smilianets was speaking at the CNS Partnership Conference 2022, attended by a record 750 delegates from around the world.

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