C’garh provides online mortgage services

Chhattisgarh Department of Transport now provides online mortgage services, integrating 75 banks, financial institutions and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) have been integrated into their mortgage services.

Transport Commissioner Dipanshu Kabra said on Saturday that it was no longer necessary to bring physical documents to the RTO office for mortgage addition and termination.

Banks and credit institutions will need to submit all documents, including No Objection Certificates (NOCs) online.

There will be no need for a physical signature as it would be verified by a One Time Password (OTP) received on their mobile number linked to the registered Aadhaar card.

Once a loan is disbursed by the vehicle owner to the bank, the data will be transferred directly into the vehicle database. Verification and approval of HP service will be performed automatically by the transportation department.

Applicants do not need to obtain Form 35 and NOC from their banks and apply for mortgage termination from the Department of Transportation by uploading these documents.

The updated Certificate of Registration (RC) was made available on mParivahan and Digilocker after the automatic termination of the mortgage. Vehicle owners are also notified of their automatic mortgage waiver via text message, he added.

Kabra added that in less than a year, more than 11 lakh smart card-based vehicle registration certificates and driving licenses have been issued to applicants at their homes.

He said Chhattisgarh was the first state in the country to provide online medical certificate for driving license.

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