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Anyone can face an emergency situation where they may need to change their flight reservation with an airline. Mishaps don’t give any notice, but you can prepare for the worst-case scenario. Thus, if a passenger has chosen to travel with Volaris airlines and wishes to make changes to their flight booking, they should be aware of Volaris’ flight change policy in advance to be ready for the process. When you gain knowledge of Volaris’ flight change policy, you will find the process and procedure to be smooth and hassle-free. Read below to understand the flight change policy and all its aspects in detail.

Volaris Airlines Change flight:

Travelers with Volaris Airlines can make changes and make in-flight modifications via online and offline methods, so there is no need to worry anymore. With these methods, you can access many options like flight date change, time change, name change, etc.

Volaris Change flight online:

The online method appears to be easier and more convenient for making in-flight modifications with Volaris. It is offered in two ways, firstly on the official Volaris Airlines website and secondly via the Volaris Airlines Mobile app.

The steps for online flight change with Volaris include: –

First, go to the official Volaris Airlines website @

Next, find the ‘My Trip’ tab and tap on it.

Now enter the booking code and the passenger’s last name as shown in the passport to search your flight bookings and reservations.

Then choose a new flight.

Select the date of travel and then search for your flights according to the changes.

Now, as needed, choose the best flight you prefer.

Make a payment on the flight change fee and the fare difference if any via the online mode.

Finally, a confirmation email will be sent to you by Volaris Airlines to your registered mail or phone number.

The same steps are valid for the flight change in the mobile application. You just need to download the official mobile app and you can opt for any flight change there.

Volaris Change flight offline:

Passengers show more preference for the traditional offline method than for the online method. This falls under two offline methods such as

Visit the nearby ticket office and

Volaris changes the flight phone number to make changes and modifications to flight bookings. You can call the Volaris Change flight phone number directly and ask the staff to make changes to your flight.

Volaris personnel service will assist you in making all flight changes and for additional assistance related to flight changes with Volaris.

Volaris flight change policies

The conditions for making successful flight changes on Volaris Airline include-

The flight change policy allows you to change the date, time and destination of flights.

Flight changes can be made using the ‘Manage Booking’ option on the Volaris Air website.

If the flight has already left, then you can change the date and time.

A person’s flight reservation change will apply to the entire itinerary if the passenger is traveling in a group.

The dedicated staff members and representatives of Volaris Air are here to help and assist you with flight changes and any other booking related matter.

Passengers can choose flight changes by online or offline method. The passenger only has to pay the fare difference and the corresponding costs. Any modification to the flight must be made at least 4 hours before the flight departure. Flight changes are not permitted once you have checked in with your boarding pass. Flight changes are only allowed after you have paid for the reservation in full with Volaris Airline.

Important points related to the Volaris flight change policy

There are a few things you should know about if you are planning to change your flight. Make sure you go through all of these points to change your flight without any difficulty. Here are some points related to Volaris Airlines flight change policy.

You cannot change Volaris flights within 4 hours of the flight’s scheduled departure.

Please note that customers are required to pay the fare difference if their new flight is more expensive than the previous one.

Customers who have not paid the full amount of their reservation cannot change their current reservations. You must pay the full amount to be eligible for the changes.

After receiving boarding, no one can change their flights.

Is it possible to change Volaris flights on the same day?

Volaris airline offers same day flight change service for its clients / passengers and through this, passengers can make changes and modifications to their flight booking on the original travel date in accordance with the booking , but passengers can only use this service for a maximum of one hour. before the departure of the originally planned flight. So, remember to finish with all changes and modifications at least one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure.

Passengers do not benefit from this same-day flight change service with any of the Volaris long-haul flights.

The new flight selected by the passenger / customer must be on the same itinerary and between the same airports as in the original booking / reservation.

Passengers / customers will be required to pay change fees / penalties (if applicable) and fare difference between flights (if applicable) in accordance with fare terms and conditions.

If a passenger / customer has already checked by one of the available methods (), he / she is not allowed to choose a previous flight for the reservation.

Volaris flight change costs:

The price for a Volaris flight change when there is 24 hours or more left for the initial departure of a scheduled flight is MXN $ 750 and USD $ 40.

The Volaris flight change fee when changes made between 24 hours and 4 hours before a flight departs is approximately MXN $ 1,000 and approximately USD $ 53.

Volaris flight change fee when 24 hours or more remain from the originally scheduled flight is US $ 75.

Volaris flight change fee when changes made between 24 hours and 4 hours after the initial departure of flights is USD 100.

International management in Central America

Volaris’ flight change fee when there is 24 hours left for the scheduled flight departure is USD 58.

The flight change charge when flight changes are made between 24 hours and 4 hours from the scheduled flight time through the airport is US $ 85.

The flight change charge when a reservation is made by other means is US $ 81.

Tips for avoiding flight change fees

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires all airlines to allow customers to change flights at no charge if done within 24 hours of purchasing an airline ticket at least 7 days prior to initial departure.

Flight change fees can only be waived in certain special circumstances. If, in an unfortunate situation, one experiences the death of an immediate family member or travel companion, then the passenger is qualified for the flight change fee to be waived by the airlines. This also includes when passengers have jury duty,

Thus, a brief note on how to change flights with Volaris is described in a very simple and technical way that is easy for passengers. But in case of any confusion or if you encounter an obstacle, you can call the Volaris Airlines customer service phone number which is available 24/7 to help you with any questions related to the flight change.

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