Citizen volunteers behind the GCC vaccination portal


Meet the technicians from Chennai Shyam Sundar Nagarajan and Vikram Ravi Ramanathan who took on the challenge of facilitating the jab recording process

In May, when vaccination was made available for 18-45 year olds, long queues became the order of the day. Booking a slot in Cowin proved difficult.

Having experienced these issues first-hand, two technicians from Chennai – Shyam Sundar Nagarajan and Vikram Ravi Ramanathan – jumped at an invitation from the Greater Chennai Corporation to create an immunization portal.

Launched in July, the GCC vaccination booking portal is the work of these two citizen volunteers who took advantage of the low-code technology offered by Zoho Creator to launch it.

According to Company data, the portal receives 80,000 visitors every day and has helped hundreds of thousands of residents get the jab.

Shyam and Vikram say the brief given to them was straightforward. GCC was on a massive campaign to get people vaccinated and didn’t want crowds in the centers. It was also special that the portal removed the barriers that people who did not know English faced.

“In response to the initial feedback we received, we tried to find a way to make the reservation process easier, even for someone unfamiliar with technology,” says Vikram, the founding team of Unmetrics.

Simple and agile

“Most booking platforms aren’t specific to people signing up and we skipped that step,” says Shyam, founder and CEO of GoFloaters. The app is equipped with a one-step login that redirects the user to the area selection and available slots, shortening the booking process.

Vikram Ravi and

Vikram Ravi and

The duo agree that many features like a vaccine availability notification alert and access via WhatsApp were made possible by Zoho Creator.

Another major addition to the platform, says Vikram, has been to modify the dashboard so that it gives information area by area.

“When we first launched it, we only had an overall Chennai dashboard, but based on our feedback, we made it easy for healthcare professionals and area workers to know. how many people in an area have been vaccinated, ”he says. Zone specific information, camp locations, reservations and validation have been added.

“I don’t know how to write code and the best part about using the software is that even after it goes live, you can still make changes quickly,” says Vikram.

As both had their day jobs, new vaccine developments that required portal changes made the exercise more difficult. Sputnik-V vaccines have been launched in the Chennai market, new locations have been added regularly and Corporation has even opened 24/7 vaccination.

“For a few months, every day there was something that needed to be updated,” says Vikram.

Shyam Sundar, CEO, GoFloaters

Shyam Sundar, CEO, GoFloaters

Both remember a development that gave them a high demand rate. The GCC has planned a big launch of the portal inviting senior officials and the coordination team with them has given them 5,000 doses of the vaccine as their target against the three-digit figure they were initially given.

Shyam acknowledges the help they received from Zoho’s team of architects. “They were with us online to offer support and that boosted our confidence,” says Shyam.

How did the two pocket this GCC mission? At the height of the second wave, a group of volunteers, including Vikram and Shyam, helped design a hospital management help desk, which allowed people to inquire about the availability of hospital beds. hospitals and other information.

“We started as a group of WhatsApp entrepreneurs and we have grown rapidly. GCC saw the impact it created, and when the invitation came, we jumped on it, ”says Shyam.

Trusting us to solve something for the city was heartwarming, they add.

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