“Concessions on train travel will continue on subcontracted trains”


LAHORE: Pakistan Railways Managing Director Nisar Ahmad Memon said concessions granted to 17 categories of train travel, including journalists, will continue on contracted trains.

Pakistan Railways recently offered to outsource 34 commercial trains, of which 17 trains have received tenders that will be finalized this week. Speaking to the media at the railroad headquarters office in Lahore here on Saturday, Nisar Ahmad Memon said that the management of the outsourced commercial trains would be allowed to increase fares by up to 10%, but could increase them. reduce at its own discretion. The service and quality of trains will be improved under a new agreement, he said, and additional orders have been placed for 230 cars.

There will be rail stocks for 15 trains. A rehabilitation project for 600 coaches has also been initiated. As soon as the coaches become available, one of the Akbar Bugti Express or Bolan Mail trains will be reinstated in October. In addition, the rail system is changing. Under the RABTA (Contact) system offering a range of facilities including online booking, taxi, food and courier etc. through this system. In addition, national and international food chain stalls will be installed in each station, he said and added that this year Rs 1.5 billion was saved compared to last year but that due to 130,000 retirees, the situation has not improved much.

Over the past year, revenues were Rs 50 billion and expenditures of Rs 95 billion. Over the past year, Rs 38 billion have been paid in pension. Because of which there is an annual deficit of Rs 45 billion, he said.

Responding to questions from reporters, the additional director general of traffic, Mazhar Ali, said that there are three lanes of the railroad in which Gwadar and DI Khan will be connected to the railroad and the other.

Gwadar to Basima, Basima to Khuzdar and Khuzdar to the main line and the third line from Basima to Mastung, Mastung to Quetta, Quetta to Bostan via Sob and Dera Ismail Khan to Peshawar. This will reduce the distance between Quetta and Peshawar by 950 km. In 1972, 20% of total railway revenues were spent on wages and pensions, but in 2010 the pension was 11-12 billion rupees and now it exceeds 35 billion rupees, “he said. .

The Pakistani Railway offers great ease of transporting coal by trains. At least 2,400 tonnes of coal are transported from Karachi to Sahiwal by trains. If the same amount of coal were transported by trucks, it would have created problems for road users due to the traffic blockage, he said.

General Manager Nisar Ahmad Memon reiterated at the request of reporters that a meeting with railway reporters would be held every month to strengthen mutual relations and discuss issues and suggestions for improving rail service.

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