Dakosy and Fraport simplify vehicle slot reservations at FRA’s CargoCity South

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FRA/Hamburg – The software company DAKOSY has worked with Fraport AG to digitally network [email protected] cargo community platform with the Click-2-drive automatic license plate detection system. The result: From now on, the barriers at gates 21 and 32 of Frankfurt Airport’s CargoCity South will open automatically for vehicles that have a confirmed time slot in the [email protected] loading or unloading system at one of the carriers
operating there.

The new interface offers significant time savings for freight forwarders and truckers who take advantage of the [email protected] slot reservation system. When booking a location, they provide all the necessary information for Click-2-drive. Fraport installed the Click-2-drive automatic license plate detection system at gates 31 and 32 last year. Now, when a registered vehicle comes to the entry barrier, the system not only scans its license plate, but also interrogates [email protected] to see if there is a matching slot reservation. If this is the case, the barrier opens to let the vehicle pass. If the license plate number is not recognized or if the driver does not use the vehicle specified when booking the slot, he can scan the QR code received during registration to be admitted.

Dirk Gladiator, who runs DAKOSY’s [email protected] department, sees a significant time saving for the large number of trucks that use gates 31 and 32 to access FRA’s CargoCity South on a daily basis. “More than 700 companies are already
regularly using [email protected] to reserve slots with the site’s large handlers. With the upcoming integration of the last major freight forwarder, FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH, nearly 100% of delivery vehicles will use the slot
reservation system. By networking the two systems, we can save time while increasing efficiency. »

Max Philipp Conrady, Vice President Cargo Development at Fraport, sees this successful combination of infrastructure and processing as the first step in introducing adaptive dynamic traffic control at Frankfurt Airport: “By networking both systems, we were able to implement a faster and leaner process to handle all delivery traffic. We intend to continue to apply this approach in the future. The next step will be to integrate the reservation of truck parking spaces at CargoCity South into the system. The objective is that our customers benefit from secure and fluid traffic.

Gladiator adds:[email protected] also allows us to monitor in real time if the slots are actually freeing up as expected. If there are delays, we could digitally notify drivers of their arrival and direct them to one of Fraport’s truck parking lots to wait until they can be unloaded.

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