EPA Proposes New Air Quality Rules on Yakama Reservation, Other Reservations in WA | New

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing clean air rule changes on Native American reservations that would apply to the Yakama Nation.

The EPA shared authority for clear aviation regulations with the Yakama Nation, a sovereign government.

Proposed rule changes would require EPA-certified wood and pellet stoves on all new installations and limit the burning of dry, untreated wood, pellets and other materials designed for appliances.

Another proposed change would restrict the use of wood-burning appliances during periods of poor air quality. This rule is proposed on the Yakama, Colville and Nez Percé reserves.

The proposed changes are part of the EPA’s Federal Air Rules for Reservations, known as FARR, which oversees air quality on 39 reservations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

The proposal would also extend the RRRF to Snoqualmie and Cowlitz reserves and lands held in federal trust for the Samish Indian Nation.

Public comment on the proposal ends January 10, 2023. Details of the proposal can be found on the EPA’s website.

The public can request a virtual meeting to discuss the revisions by contacting Sandra Brozusky at [email protected] by October 27.

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