Food industry social market enters London and embarks on investment campaign


Chivado has captured the imagination by reconnecting places with customers and reinvesting money in local communities.

Chivado – the disruptive startup on the quest to revolutionize digital services in the hospitality industry – opens its doors to new investments as the thriving brand welcomes more partners for 2021 and enters London.

Combining the connectivity features of a social network with the modern capabilities of an online marketplace, Chivado functions as a portal to find, book and order among the best local and independent restaurants, cafes and bars.

What makes Chivado different is that it encourages interactivity between places and diners – with integrated messaging, photo posting and media sharing services allowing everyone to share their dishes and experiences.

Most importantly, Chivado cuts the fees involved in digital platforms – with all sites capable of handling digital menus, delivery orders, and table reservation services completely free.

Customers, on the other hand, pay a modest 99 pence service charge to order on Chivado and the full value of their order goes directly to the sites; allowing favorite restaurants in the area to offer lower prices for diners and keep the community thriving.

Chivado first deployed its platform in Italy last year and saw instant success, securing registrations from 250 restaurants and over 10,000 customers in less than 10 months.

In August 2021, the platform expanded to the UK, partnering with independent restaurant chain The Pizza Room. The owners were so impressed with the business model that they decided not to only on Chivado, but to invest in the business themselves.

Chivado is now embarking on a larger investment campaign to achieve his global vision: to strengthen communities by bringing people together through food and drink.

Chivado CEO Federico Bernardi said: “One of the biggest challenges of the pandemic has been that restaurants are losing their central role in their community to digital services and are unable to truly engage with their customers.

“There are three main issues that restaurants are currently facing in the digital climate that Chivado can solve.

“The first is the high fees. In some cases, the commission on delivery platforms can reach 40% – and the more the delivery market grows, the more restaurants are at risk of significant revenue losses. But with Chivado, there are no commission fees – so restaurants don’t have to mark up their food to pay for digital services.

“The second problem is that with market platforms as the sole owners of the relationship with end customers, restaurants are slowly turning into replaceable hidden kitchens. The sites no longer know who their customers are and risk losing their central role in the community, filtered by algorithms that decide if they are discovered! Chivado completely changes the way restaurants and customers interact and ensures them a direct and lasting relationship.

“The third problem is that, apart from a discount label, restaurants don’t have the ability to build and communicate their identity while enabling digital engagement, forcing all businesses to compete on price. Rather, Chivado encourages interaction and brand differentiation – giving companies the ability to enrich their profile, publish content and initiatives, and educate their customers on their brand journey.

Chivado allows sites to take ownership of their digital services and users to reallocate their money to restaurants and local communities.

“With Chivado, people are literally putting money back into their own neighborhoods to make them richer, to make their streets more vibrant and safer, turning digitization into a positive experience for the whole community.”

The investment campaign at Chivado continues for fall 2021.

More information about the platform is available online.

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