Frozen seafood online delivery service


How it works and what to expect

Owen Burke / Insider

PureFish’s options are divided into a series of thematic boxes. The four-tray “Petite Box” (eight four-ounce servings) will set you back $ 150 (shipping is included), and the larger eight-tray (16 four-ounce servings) “Omega”, “Rainbow” and “Custom” (choose yours) boxes cost $ 250. It’s about $ 32 a platter, or $ 64 a pound.

You can also choose to subscribe to PureFish, which saves you 15% and comes in at around $ 26.55 per tray.

There are no two ways: it’s over $ 50 a pound for seafood. But it comes to your door rinsed, dried, trimmed and with the fins, thorns and flesh of blood (the red substance flowing along the side line of a fish) removed.

What you get are restaurant grade cuts and preparations, and all you have to do is take the trays out of the freezer about 12-24 hours before baking (check each package), peel off the thin layer. of shrink plastic, mix the absorbent pad, season or marinate as you wish and put them in the oven.

At the end of the day, it’s the time-for-money conundrum. Want to get out of work and spend 20 or 30 minutes peeling and deveining shrimp? Do you want to sit in bright light and pluck 50 bones from a salmon fillet? What is this time worth to you? For many of us, this is worth a lot.

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