G Adventures sees an increase in bookings in January

January was a record sales month for tour operator G Adventures, recording its highest sales month since the start of the pandemic and demonstrating that travelers are feeling optimistic about the future of travel in 2022.

According to G Adventures, over the past eight weeks, more travelers have chosen to reduce the time between booking a trip and their actual departure dates, with 39% of bookings in the United States being made for trips departing until at the end of April. Travelers who have been sick with Omicron or are fully boosted are most likely driving this surge in last-minute bookings, wanting to make the most of their immunity. Sixty-two percent of these travelers are also first-time customers.


Travelers are also much more interested in getting personal help from a travel consultant; while two-thirds of pre-pandemic bookings were made online, bookings made through travel advisors nearly hit 50% in January.

So what types of trips are travelers most interested in?

Interest in international travel increased significantly from December to January, with searches for European destinations on the tour operator’s website increasing 88% month-on-month. Searches for South America increased by 72% and searches for Asia by 62%. This is likely due to many countries relaxing their entry requirements.

The tour operator’s active travel style has grown during the pandemic, becoming the third most popular travel style in bookings. These trips include active challenges like hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or the Andes. Another travel style that is growing in popularity is the 18-30 travel style, which focuses on experiential travel for younger generations.

“January is always one of the most important selling months for travel, and this year we found ourselves in a particularly strong position, thanks to pent-up demand, great deals in the market and our ever-growing inventory. of trips offered,” said Ben Perlo, general manager of G Adventures for the United States and Latin America. “We expect to see this intent to book increase as more destinations, particularly as Australia, New Zealand, parts of Europe and South America, begin to relax the entry conditions.

G Adventures will run over 750 trips in February and March alone and plans to continue its success through the end of 2022.

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