Gaia Technologies Inc. Connects Homeowners to Do-It-Yourselfers with a Game-Changing App

KnockNok app lets owners connect with DIYers in innovative ways never seen before

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, March 30, 2022 / — Gaia Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its all-new app that unites homeowners and DIYers in one easy-to-use app – KnockNok .

Founded in November 2019 and located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada, Gaia Technologies is a pioneer in creating an online marketplace for people to exchange knowledge and experience. The company strives to gain global reach and create online communities where people can interact and support each other.

In the latest company news, Gaia Technologies has launched an exciting new app that connects homeowners who have various home repair needs with service providers based on their specialty, location and availability. The app, called KnockNok, is touted as the “Uber model” in the DIY industry, connecting owners and service providers with just a few clicks.

“For owners, by integrating on-site and online services into one platform, we are making the repair process more cost-effective and convenient. For those offering repair services, we enable them to work remotely and reach customers beyond their local area,” says Gaia Technologies COO Hazem Tarawneh. “To date, over 600 North American technicians and do-it-yourselfers have registered on our platform to become service providers. Our app has received over 100,000 downloads (Google Play and App Store combined) and has been rated 4.8/5 stars. We couldn’t be happier with this exceptional progress.

One of the best features of the KnockNok app is its simple and engaging interface which is incredibly easy to use. “Users simply select a service category, provide their location information, and then the KnockNok platform will match them with the best service provider in their area – whether for on-site service or a video call,” says Tarawneh. “What sets us apart from other platforms is that our on-site service booking includes a free 15-minute video call to diagnose and assess the issue; this way, a service provider has the opportunity to discuss the problem with the user and provide initial troubleshooting before the visit. Users who prefer to solve the problem themselves but need personalized advice can book a video call with a service provider at competitive prices and benefit from significant savings. »

“For DIYers and technicians, the video call service allows them to provide online diagnosis/advice to potential customers worldwide, i.e. homeowners, and generate revenue remotely” , continues Tarawneh.

Once an agreement between the owner and the service provider has been reached, payment for the service booking will be processed once the service has been completed and satisfaction received. Moreover, the company provides 24/7 customer support from the moment of booking.

The company is also open to partnerships with other companies in the repair sector to offer its platform and services to their users.

For more information about the KnockNok app, please visit The app is searchable by name “KnockNok” and downloadable from App Store and Google Play.

About Gaia Technologies Inc.

Gaia Technologies is a Canadian pioneer creating innovative online marketplaces for consumers and professionals to exchange experiences and information. The company’s latest launch, an app called KnockNok, aims to connect people who need home repair services with experienced DIYers.

Hazem Tarawne
Gaia Technologies Inc.
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