Greater Chennai Corporation to link more certificates with DigiLocker

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) will launch the next level of electronic services enhancement in a month during which residents will be able to access all certificates and documents through DigiLocker.

DigiLocker is a centralized repository offering an online scanning service provided by the Government of India under the Digital India initiative. The website can be accessed at

Currently, only birth and death certificates of city residents are linked to DigiLocker. After the work is completed, residents can access various certificates, such as property tax assessment document, property tax name transfer copy, business tax assessment, property assessment, business tax, copy of business license renewal, building plan approval and subdivision plan approval.

Speaking about other electronic services offered by the civic body, Deputy Commissioner (Revenue and Finance) Vishu Mahajan said the Society will introduce online reservations for community halls. Currently, residents can view community room availability online, but booking is only offline.

“Most of the Company’s services are already online. We have tried to grant the public access to more information on the website. On the public information portal, we have provided a variety of information, such as the timing of conservation operations and the number of trips made,” he said.

“A lot of people are even confused about their division number. In the section titled Know your region, you can view the map and navigate to your region and find out which zone and division you are in. You can see the nearest GCC facility in your area, including public toilets, cemeteries, community halls, Amma Canteens and urban primary health centers,” Mr. Mahajan said.

“Slowly, transparency and open availability of public information related to the GCC has grown. All of this is available on the website for more feedback so that we can further improve our operations,” he said.

“We partner with banks to provide a property tax card to those assessed. The card will have the basic details like the property ID and address and will have a user-specific QR code and virtual payment ID. Scanning the QR code will open the GCC webpage and display your current due with an option to pay the tax,” Mahajan added.

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