Gujarat: Amit Shah unveils 16ft tall statue of Lord Hanuman and offers prayers at Somnath temple

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday unveiled a 16ft tall statue of Lord Hanuman in the Gujarat town of Somnath after offering prayers at Somnath Mahadev Temple. He also inaugurated the ‘Somganga Distribution Center’ at Somnath Temple to filter Ganges water offered to Mahadev at Somnath Temple and give it as prasad to devotees in packaged bottles.

The minister then launched a Somnath Trust web portal to allow devotees to book time slots online to offer prayers at the temple, make donations, book rooms and take live darshan from Somnath Mahadev daily, among other things.

Shah, who is a trustee of the Somnath Trust, offered prayers at the temple and later unveiled the statue of Lord Hanuman near the Samudra Darshan Path. It also opened a total of 202 “Maruti Haat” stores on Samudra Darshan Path, according to a statement.

”Shah inaugurated the Somganga distribution facility in the temple and unveiled the statue of Shri Chandeshwar. A plant has been set up to purify the water used to anoint Lord Somnath, package it in attractive bottles and arrange for its distribution,’ he said.

Shree Somnath Trust has also made arrangements to offer live darshan to devotees across the country and abroad through a digital platform. The new website was designed to be informative and user-friendly, he said.

The Maruti Haat shops were constructed by the Somnath Trust at a cost of Rs 1.80 crore along the Samudra Darshan trail with the aim of providing employment to the local people, the statement said.

The 16ft statue of Lord Hanuman has been installed by the Trust on the beach so visitors can take selfies with the statue, he added.

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