Gujarat bets on technology, CM Rupani says, maximizes use of faceless system to fight corruption


The government of Gujarat is working to maximize the use of technology and create a faceless system to eliminate corruption and bring transparency to governance, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said on Monday.

On the second day of the nine-day celebrations marking the end of his five years as chief minister, Rupani, as he addressed a rally here, said Gujarat was at the forefront of the extension of the benefits of Internet services to villages in the state under BharatNet. project.

From the ‘Seva Setu’ program – in which camps have been organized four to five times a year at taluka and municipal level to help citizens take advantage of various government programs – the government is now moving towards’ e-Seva Setu ”, to provide services to people on a daily basis using technology, the CM said.

Rupani said his government is committed to eradicating corruption and establishing transparency in governance.

“For this, we plan to make maximum use of technology to create a faceless system. For this, we plan to move forward by moving the online services to different departments, ”he said.

The CM said the government recently put services related to the approval of non-agricultural land online, which helped to eliminate corruption. Other services like online bidding for mines and minerals have also reduced corruption, he said.

Rupani became Chief Minister of Gujarat on August 7, 2016, following the resignation of outgoing President Anandiben Patel, and continued in office following the BJP’s victory in the 2017 parliamentary elections.

The second day of the nine-day program marking the completion of his five-year tenure was celebrated as “Samvedna Divas”, in which the CM transferred financial aid of Rs 4,000 (as part of a monthly program) in the accounts of each of the 978 children in Gujarat who have lost both parents to COVID-19.

He also launched the government’s program to provide 2,000 rupees per month to each of the 3,963 children who have lost a parent to the pandemic.

The state government launched the Digital Seva Setu program last year through which 55 social welfare programs from various ministries are made available at the panchayat level using the internet through fiber optic networks.

Referring to this, Rupani said that millions of people have benefited from the government’s Seva Setu program, which takes place four to five times a year.

Now the government is moving towards e-Seva Setu, which will provide people with the benefits of various programs on a daily basis (rather than through special camps under the ‘Seva Setu’ program), he said. -he declares.

“Gujarat became the first state to connect villages directly via the Internet. BharatNet’s high-frequency electronic connectivity has helped villagers and gram panchayats benefit from 55 computer-based services without having to go to the taluka or the collector’s office, ”he said. .

Rupani said his government will set up in the coming days a facility where people can submit an electronic application and immediately receive the required certificates.

“Gujarat will be the first state where people have all the services sitting in their villages… we are using technology to move in the direction of providing e-Seva Setu,” he said.

On this occasion, he also launched the 433 government Seva Setu camps across the state and launched a new program encouraging remarriage of widows with financial support from the government.

Rupani has also relaunched a host of projects for the citizens of Rajkot, such as online booking of city bus services and a GIS-enabled portal for various services.

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