Health unit preaches patience amid influx of residents – young and old – booking COVID-19 vaccines

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With an influx of residents – young and old alike – suddenly able to make appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine, the Sarnia Area Health Unit’s online portal has become a popular destination.

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The officials therefore preach patience.

“Sometimes our reservation system looks a bit like Ticketmaster, but keep trying,” said Dr Sudit Ranade, Lambton’s medical officer of health, on Thursday. “There will be more availability over time.

Ranade said many appointments were made by parents and guardians of children aged five to 11, who became eligible earlier this week – “I think on day one we had more than one. thousand, “he said – but pointed out several Residents of Sarnia-Lambton are also eligible for the third booster dose.

“So we have 40,000 people who are suddenly… eligible for vaccination,” he said. “That’s a lot of people who have to go through the system at the same time, so people will have to be patient. “

In addition to the more than 9,000 young people, around 30,000 local residents are eligible for booster injections based primarily on age and health status.

Ranade said he had received a shipment of Health Canada-approved vaccine for children under 12 and was prepared to ship it to a “number” of different clinics, including family sessions planned for the event center. from Lambton College.

For more information on vaccines for local children ages five to 11, visit

The way the health unit reports local vaccine statistics will change “gradually” due to the influx of eligible children, Ranade added.

As of Thursday, 81.7% of eligible Sarnia-Lambton residents – ages 12 and older – received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and were fully immunized, the health unit reported. Exactly 84.4% received at least one of the 196,081 injections administered by the health service, hospitals, doctors’ offices and pharmacies.

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A total of 15 new local cases of COVID-19 were also reported by the health unit on Thursday.

“There are a handful of cases every day, sometimes more than 15 – maybe even more,” Ranade said. “These cases require a lot of follow-up because people do a lot of different things socially and so we have a lot of people to contact for any given case.”

Of the 4,343 cases since the start of the pandemic, 39 were active while 4,229 have been resolved. The latest seven-day incidence rate of confirmed cases in the region was 35.1 per 100,000 people. Ontario’s was 29.9.

The health unit was struggling with only one active outbreak at Bluewater Health.

“It appears to be pretty stable,” Ranade said of the outbreak.

Six COVID-positive patients were being treated at the hospital, Bluewater Health reported.

The death toll in the community was still 75 while 60 people died at the local hospital.

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