How the crudest white lotus scene was filmed

White Lotus star Murray Bartlett talks about filming this crass scene in the finale, revealing that most of it happened in post-production.

The white lotus Star Murray Bartlett talks about that rude scene in the finale. Without doubt the biggest television success of the summer, The white lotus was created, written and directed by Mike White. The series consisted of six episodes, focusing on a group of wealthy guests who arrive at a tropical resort in Hawaii and turn the lives of resort staff upside down. No one feels chaos more than Barlett’s character, Armond. As the manager of the resort, he gets off on the wrong foot with Shane (Jake Lacy) after an accidental booking error that prevents the newlywed from staying in the exact room he wanted. Rather than admit his slippage, Armond doubles down.


Importantly, rather than moving on and enjoying his honeymoon with his new wife Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), Shane spends the rest of The white lotus obsessed with the perceived slights he receives from Armond. After several episodes of mounting tension and increasing stress, Armond seeks revenge in the season finale. As a recovering drug addict who has relapsed, Armond is high when he decides to sneak into Shane’s bedroom and poop on his things. It’s a moment of crass comedy, and just plain weirdness, which turns tragic soon after. Shane returns and, after discovering an intruder in his room, accidentally stabs and kills Armond.

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In an interview with The Guardian, Barlett was asked how the scene was filmed. The actor clarified that most of the dirty work is done in post-production. He also explained what it was like to have to pretend to conduct business in front of a television crew. You can read Barlett’s quote below.

“I wouldn’t want to unveil the mystery of such a magical TV moment [laughs]. What I can tell you is that it wasn’t me. I mean, it’s my pretty awesome thigh control that helps me squat down on the suitcase, but the rest happened in post-production. We filmed it in several different ways and the final version didn’t quite look what I had imagined. I was a little horrified when I first saw it. Watching yourself explicitly take shit on TV is quite confrontational. But I got over it quickly, because it’s such an epic moment. Mike is not afraid to go to these places. There’s not much difference between what Armond is doing in this scene and how some of the other characters treat people like…. It’s pretty shiny that way.

As mentioned in the interview, Armond’s crass revenge was one of many White lotus moments that have gained traction online. Perhaps, most notably, viewers joked that this was the kind of premium content that only HBO could be trusted to deliver. All in all, it was a pretty wild scene in an episode filled with them. The ending drew largely positive reviews, but for fans and even some critics, the pessimistic ending characterized by Armond’s death left audiences a bit bitter. This is especially true, as Shane barely suffers a consequence and even seems rewarded after the accidental murder.

Even though there were disagreements over the finale and how to interpret it, the cast received high praise for their performances. And for Barlett, a veteran actor who made his debut in 1987, and who will be the next star of HBO. The last of us adaptation, Armond’s role has garnered legions of new fans and waves of cheer even though, sadly, the harassed station manager won’t be around for The white lotus season 2.

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Source: The Guardian


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