HWRC booking system for day trips and bookings introduced in Kent

Booking to visit a recycling center means staying following a broad response to the public consultation held last year.

KCC has tested “daytime” reservations in HWRCs at several sites in the county

Susan Carey, Kent County Council (KCC) environment cabinet member, took the decision to keep the reservation system following a report to the environment and transport cabinet committee on January 18, where members voted in favor of the recommendation to keep the system and introduce “on the day” reservations in the 18 HWRCs.

Susan Carey, KCC Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “This is the biggest response to a KCC public consultation that any of us can remember and, although a consultation is not a referendum, there was a clear margin in favor of those in favor. maintaining the reservation system.”

The main objection from those who felt negative, or extremely negative, was that the current reservation system does not take “daily” reservations. The introduction of ‘daily’ bookings was also the service improvement that proponents of keeping the system wanted to see introduced.

KCC has therefore tested “on the day” bookings at HWRCs in Folkestone, Maidstone and New Romney. These trials have worked well and day-to-day bookings will now be extended to all 18 HWRCs in Kent and rolled out gradually in February and March this year.

Cabinet Member of Kent County Council for the Environment, Susan Carey

Cabinet Member of Kent County Council for the Environment, Susan Carey

Susan Carey added: “The reservation system has been introduced as an emergency measure to keep visitors and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been changed in response to customer feedback with slots now available every half hour and no limit to the number of bookings that can be made a day or up to a month in advance.

“In addition to minimizing the time spent queuing to access a site, the reservation system has brought environmental, operational and communication benefits. I am very pleased with the level of support he received during the consultation.


Notes to Editors:

  • The consultation on maintaining the HWRC reservation system ran from August 19 to September 30, 2021 and received 10,705 responses.
  • Among the respondents who expressed an opinion, 5,152 were in favor of maintaining the reservation system while 4,778 were negative. 7,905 found the reservation system easy to use.
  • Reservations to visit a HWRC can be made online at https://www.kent.gov.uk/environment-waste-and-planning/rubbish-and-recycling/household-waste-recycling-centres/visiting-a- hwrc- during-coronavirus or by phone on 03000 41 73 73. (97% of reservations are currently made online.)
  • Kent’s 18 HWRCs are open 7 days a week except Christmas and Boxing Day. The most recent performance data for HWRCs shows that recycling rates for HWRCs over a rolling 12 month average were 68%, what cannot be recycled or composted is turned into energy and less than 0.5% is sent to landfill.

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