IGR reviews functioning of sub-registry offices in Jammu

Jammu, Sep 15: J&K’s Registrar has intensified inspections of Sub Registrar (SR) offices throughout UT to examine the operation of these offices on-site.

As per instructions given by Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha during the review of Revenue and its subordinate departments last week and subsequent instructions from Secretary to Revenue Commissioner, Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, Inspector General of the Registrar (IGR), J&K, Sheikh Arshad Ayub along with Additional Inspector General of Registrar Jammu (AIGRJ) Mansoor Aslam and Registrar Jammu, Natasha Kalsotra today undertook a comprehensive review of the operation of SR offices in Jammu Khas, South Jammu and North Jammu.

It was noted that SR Jammu South, Khas and North are the three high workload offices with each office performing 20-25 or more registrations per day. SR Jammu Khas has the distinction of having made a maximum number of registrations in a single day of 59 registrations on 20th January 2022 with a revenue collection of Rs 36.26 crore, which is above the prescribed limit of 42 slots.

In-depth discussions took place with the three SRs on all aspects covering the registration of documents and the implementation of new initiatives. Issues discussed included but were not limited to booking slots, uploading documents, verifying documents, stamp duty and registration fees, accepting documents and registering various instruments.

IGR, J&K urged SRs to prioritize the registration of lease deeds. For more transparency, the three SRs have been asked to upgrade their CCTV system with a two-way audio system by 20.09.2022.

SR South Jammu has informed that during the period of 01.04.2022 to 14.09.2022, 2018 material was registered with collection of Rs. 20.51 crore and slot utilization of 97%. SR Khas Jammu informed that during the period of 01.04.2022 to 14.09.2022, 1694 documents were registered with revenue collection of Rs 13.86 crore and slot utilization of 98%. SR North Jammu informed that during the period of 01.04.2022 to 14.09.2022, 1524 documents were registered with revenue collection of Rs 12.22 crore and slot utilization of 92%. SRs Jammu South and Jammu North informed that due to lock of some documents, issues and shortcomings of e-GRAS, some of the documents had to be canceled or processed after the intervention of SDU NIC Pune.

SRs were tasked with expediting expenditure of revenue and CAPEX under relevant headings, submission of contributions to ACB/CBI cases referred to the Registrar, downgrading of pending e-GRAS challans, and submission of d digitized registration regarding real estate to the LRIS portal on a daily basis.

The meeting was informed that a number of initiatives are at various stages of implementation. These include IPG payment gateway for collection of registration fees, PAN verification of parties, Aadhar authentication services, home visit module and installation of CCTV cameras with two-way audio system. When implementing these initiatives, the registration work will become more transparent, hassle-free, time-bound and citizen-friendly.

SRs were informed that agent capacity building is one of the key areas to broaden the registration horizons of registration agents and their staff. Two training workshops have already been held in Srinagar & Jammu this year in collaboration with SDU NIC Pune. In addition, officers have been delegated for training in YASHADA Pune, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Another batch of officers are dispatched to Tamil Nadu in the second week of October 2022.

The SRs requested the provision of a security guard to safeguard the valuable registration records. The SRs were informed that the matter has already been raised with higher authorities for the placement of a security guard at the premises of the three offices for the security of registration records.

An interaction also took place with the citizens who came to register. They expressed satisfaction with online registration through NGDRS which removed archaic offline registration and minimized the scope for disputes. Resting faith and confidence in the current system, citizens informed that they can now register their documents according to their convenience depending on the appointment date chosen by them.

At the end, the SRs were urged to continue to work with zeal and missionary commitment in order to meet the expectations of the people.

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