Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch is the ‘devout Mormon’ woman Ime Udoka cheated on Nia Long with according to New Reveal

Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka’s cheating scandal reaches its climax, with Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch identified as the mysterious cheating partner.

Ime Udoka is pretty much done. His act of cheating shook the entire Boston Celtics organization.

There’s been a lot of talk about his stuff lately. However, Daily Mail finally revealed Udoka’s partner in crime.

While rumors had previously connected Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch and Udoka, it was finally confirmed. But what was missing earlier was information about Kathleen.

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Ime Udoka’s cheating partner Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch is a devout Mormon

Kathleen would be 34 and married. She is also the mother of three children. Lynch worked as a service manager for the Boston Celtics.

Daily Mail also reported that Kathleen is a friend of Danny Ainge. Both are devout Mormons and have thus established a familiarity.

Ainge is a former Boston Celtics goaltender. He played 14 seasons in the league and then coached the Suns before joining the management of the Celtics.

So, without risk of being mistaken, Ainge is quite well connected in Boston and should have had no problem finding a job in Lynch.

Kathleen has worked primarily as a team liaison. Which mainly involved arranging trips, booking hotels and getting tickets to games.

Chances are Lynch also arranged Nia Long’s trip. TMZ previously reported how Ime Udoka had Long moved to Boston two weeks before the reveal. Kathleen was probably responsible for that too.

Danny Ainge was deeply disappointed by Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch and Ime Udoka

Daily Mail also reported that Danny found out about the investigation a few months ago. So, essentially, members close to the organization like Ainge already knew about the team’s investigation.

But despite his closeness to the cheating scandal, Ainge refused to participate in the proceedings. He stayed out of all subsequent decisions, including the suspension of Ime Udoka.

Lynch is said to have grown up in an active Mormon household. She grew up in the hometown of Ainge. Kathleen and Danny’s daughter went to college together at Brigham Young University. Ainge hired her in 2013 and she has worked with the team ever since.

Lynch is married to a financial advisor and has three children. As the primary revelations shine a light on the nature of their relationship, the Daily Mail source tried to shut them down.

The source claimed that the relationship was purely consensual but also short-lived. The impact this new revelation will have on Ime Udoka and all parties involved, only time will tell.

However, one thing is certain. Udoka is going to have a hard time getting back into the league. And he definitely cut ties with the Boston Celtics.

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