Launch of a new online complaint form for the benefit of redundancy applicants

The Insolvency Service is the first beta partner to work with the Government Digital Service (GDS) on its new digital forms builder platform – GOV.UK Forms.

GOV.UK Forms will allow government departments and independent bodies to easily create accessible online forms themselves, allowing customers to share information in a fast and accessible way.

The new online forms created using GOV.UK Forms will look consistent across all departments and, by adhering to government accessibility standards, will allow all users to provide their information quickly and easily.

GDS is running a private beta testing phase, after which they hope to make the GOV.UK forms available to all government organisations. The first partnership saw GDS and the Insolvency Service collaborate to develop the Modify a request for dismissal form: accrued paid leave.

The Change in Paid Leave Form will allow people who have already applied for severance pay to easily provide updated information regarding their claims using an online form.

Customers will no longer have to upload and submit a Word document or call the Insolvency Service helpline, making claims handling faster and easier.

The Accrual Leave Change Form is one of six change forms used by the Insolvency Service’s Termination Payments Service, and the Insolvency Service and GDS are considering creating digital versions of the other forms at the Insolvency Service. ‘coming.

John Wheatle, Director of the Business Services Division for the Insolvency Service, said:

The new online amend form for accrued leave requests is an exciting development for the Insolvency Department and will help improve our levels of customer service. Customers, who are already in a difficult personal situation, will be able to easily modify their redundancy requests and notifications will be sent directly to the people concerned, reducing errors and speeding up the process.

We are very proud to have worked with GDS on this innovative project and hope the new form will provide us with a good launch pad for transitioning other online forms, as well as other sectors of government to develop their own forms. on time and provide excellent customer service.

Clara Barnett, Deputy Director of Digital Service Platforms for the Government Digital Service, said:

It was a great collaboration with the Insolvency Service and demonstrated the value and huge potential of the GOV.UK forms.

By helping teams across government create simple and accessible online forms, we make it easier for end users to access government services. We’re also improving the quality of the data the government collects, with simple validation and better form design, and faster processing times.

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