Lori Loughlin had reservations about Olivia joining ‘DWTS’


Lori Loughlin had reservations when her daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli told her she wanted to be in the new season of Dancing with the stars.

“She was afraid of Olivia’s reaction,” says a friend. “But the more Lori thought about it, she realized it was a brave thing to do.”

Ten months after being released from prison for her role in the college admissions scandal, Lori, 57, is also starting to get her life back on track. “Lori is tougher than you think,” said the friend. “But she knows what she did was wrong and that the public won’t easily forget.”

Lori and her husband, designer Mossimo Giannulli, who also took the time to pay for their daughters to pose as elite athletes to secure spots at USC, opened a new chapter by moving to a new home in Hidden Hills, Calif. “This will be their primary residence,” says a friend, who notes that they also purchased a $ 13 million vacation property in Palm Desert.

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Lori has spent the past year largely out of the public eye, but like her influencer daughter, she hopes to return to work. “Lori is taking baby steps,” the friend says, explaining that she plans to write a book about her family’s ordeal. “She also received offers to represent herself in [a movie about the] scandal, but she’s not ready for it.

Above all, Lori would love to start playing again. “His reputation at work has always been good. She arrives on time and knows her lines. She just needs someone to take a chance, ”explains the friend, adding that Lori even came up with script ideas.

She realizes that rebuilding her relationship with fans will be even trickier. To this end, Lori continued to volunteer to prove her sincerity about changing her ways. “She’s hoping to be able to slowly show that she’s paid her dues,” says the friend. “And, more importantly, that she’s sorry.”

—Report by Rick Egusquiza

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