Madhya Pradesh: Four more cases of computer fraud reported in Bhopal | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: A 32-year-old, who wanted to make the pilgrimage to “Char Dham Yatra” with his family, was allegedly duped to the tune of Rs 48,000 by an online fraudster, who allegedly passed himself off as a portal executive travel online under the pretext of booking a package.
After the accused siphoned off the victim’s money, he turned off his cell phone. The victim contacted the cybercrime branch and lodged a complaint. The complaint was forwarded to Nishatpura Police Station where a fraud case was registered against an unidentified defendant on the basis of his mobile number on Thursday.
ASI investigator Santram Khanna said the plaintiff Rishi Sharma, 32, a resident of Radhakrishna settlement in Karond, works in a private job at MP Nagar. He told police he wanted to book a “Çhar Dham Yatra” package for his family for which he looked up the contact number of an online travel portal on the Internet. He got a number and called on September 24. The caller introduced himself as the manager of the travel portal and asked him to deposit money for the booking of the travel package. The victim transferred the money online through a payment wallet and after receiving the money the accused cut off all contact with him. Feeling cheated, he went to the police and filed a complaint.
Meanwhile, in another case registered Thursday at Govindpura police station, a 25-year-old married woman was allegedly duped to the tune of Rs 1 lakh under the pretext of a personal loan of Rs 5 lakh.
SI investigator Govind Yadav said complainant Sunita Kumar, 25, resident of N1D sector in Govindpura, is married and resides in Nagpur. She told the police that she had come to Bhopal to her parents’ house. She had taken out a loan from a private finance company in the past. She said on September 16, she received a phone from an unknown number on her cell phone the caller reported to from the private finance company she had taken a loan from in the past.
SI Yadav said the defendant proposed that if she canceled her old loan, the company would give her a new instant personal loan of Rs 5 lakh. He asked her to deposit money with him if she wanted to write off her old loan. The woman fell into the trap and transferred Rs 5,0000 to clear her old loan. She asked the accused to issue her instant personal loan, but he tricked her into further stating that she will have to deposit an additional Rs 5,000 for loan insurance and other processing fees. She deposited the money but never received a personal loan. Subsequently, she approached the police to file a complaint.
In another case registered Thursday at the Koh-e-Fiza police station, the plaintiff Sayyed Mohammad Abbas, 26, a resident of Housing Board Colony in Koh-e-Fiza was duped to the tune of Rs 27,148 under the pretext of increasing his credit card. limit. The accused called the victim from an unknown number on September 15 and introduced himself to an executive at the bank from which the victim obtained a credit card issued in his name.
Similarly in the last case recorded Thursday at the Bairagarh police station, a soldier stationed in Bhopal would have been duped by online fraudsters to the tune of Rs 49,995 under the pretext of unblocking his bank account. Victim Sunil Kumar Santra told police that on September 25 he received a call from an unknown number on which the caller impersonated a bank official and told him his bank account was blocked because his KYC contact details were not updated. When the victim asked him about the unlocking process, the accused took his bank account number and OTP and siphoned Rs 49,995 from his bank account. The victim approached the cybercrime branch from where the complaint was forwarded to the Bairagarh police.

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