Michelin star announcements cause massive influx of bookings

Tuesday night saw the announcement of the Michelin Guide picks in Toronto, and with the revelation came an influx of eager foodies rushing to sit in one of the newly decorated restaurants.

The website of chef Masaki Saito, whose eponymous restaurant won two stars, was apparently overwhelmed within minutes of receiving the award.

Similarly, Frilu co-owner Sandra Troiano shared with Dished that with the Michelin star there has been a rush in traffic, especially on social media, as well as phone and email.

Pre-Michelin Star Frilu would “usually be booked up to two to three weeks in advance with some weekday availability”.

Luckily, Frilu’s reservation system already required customers to book for the following month, giving staff the leeway to manage the outcome. However, places that were once less crowded on weekdays are gone for the next month, and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Dished also spoke to Quetzal who confirmed the restaurant was ‘literally full overnight’ and was ‘more or less full for the next month’.

Before adding that many of its Wednesday night diners had never heard of it before, which the staff expects will be true for the majority of guests visiting over the next month. Also, some changes will likely be made to their booking procedures to handle a higher volume of bookings.

Chef Daniele Corona also won a Michelin star for his sensational work at Don Alfonso: 1890. Dished spoke with Liberty Group and Don Alfonso CEO Nick Di Donato about what a Michelin star means for the restaurant and His boss.

Di Donato explained that Corona was anxious about the approach and that for him, a Michelin star was like “winning an Oscar”. He also confirmed that Don Alfonso: 1890 is sold out for the foreseeable future, including in between times, which means slots that are usually left open on either side of peak hours.

The plan is simply to ride the wave of success and prepare for a busy season with a full staff, Di Donato told Dished.

Aburi Hanna, another recipient of the prestigious award, also saw a massive surge in bookings, saying ‘the rest of September was sold out within minutes of the announcement’ and bookings for October and November opened at 4pm yesterday. hours.

For those who haven’t managed to find a table yet, keep an eye on the restaurant’s websites and social media as many of them release slots a month in advance.

While scrambling for a reservation can be frustrating, Toronto now holds a place on a stage of culinary prowess alongside the world’s best chefs and restaurants.

Ultimately, customer demand driven by the weight of a Michelin star ripples through an industry growth cycle.

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