Mid-term bookings show strength in travel, says Advantage

Consortia reveals reservations at its annual conference

Advantage Travel Partnership, the UK’s largest consortium of travel agents, has revealed that holiday sales
for the May semester are almost at 2019 levels for the same period.

Kelly Cookes, Chief Commercial Officer of Advantage, said data from Advantage Managed Services (AMS) members showed departures were down only 5% from 2019. She added that the final half-year figures are expected to surpass 2019 figures by mid-May.

She said: “Sales continue to show that UK consumers are keen to get away from it all in May and the appetite for travel remains strong. Turkey is proving to be increasingly popular this year with two resorts in the top five, and we see that Dubai, although not one of the top-selling destinations, is seeing an increase in demand.

“Dubai has been a popular choice throughout the pandemic, and with its warm and sunny weather at this time of year as well as some great deals available, this makes it an ideal destination for a family getaway in May. “

Top destinations for Advantage Managed Services (AMS) members in May 2022:
1. Mallorca
2. Tenerife
3.Costa Blanca
4. Dalaman

Top destinations for Advantage Managed Services (AMS) members in May 2019:
1. Mallorca
2.Costa Blanca
3. Costa Del Sol
4. Tenerife

Cookes added that summer vacation bookings remain steady, but he believes the market will lag this year as consumers wait closer to the travel date before booking.

She added: ‘The booking window continues to be very late with an average of 40% of all our bookings being made each week departing within 12 weeks. We know that going on that well-deserved summer vacation is high on everyone’s wish list after the past two years, and consumers are simply waiting to book their trips until departure time.

“The cost of overseas holidays continues to offer exceptional value compared to a UK holiday. But capacity is dwindling for summer getaways, and our advice to those planning to get away in July and August would be to book now to ensure you get the vacation you want – and through a human travel agent to ensure you have complete peace of mind.”

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

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