Murder on behalf of Erik Maund: online reviews of security firms left before arrests

(KXAN) – Four men, including a partner from famed Maund Automotive Group, face federal charges in the 2020 death of a Nashville couple.

Gilad Peled, owner of Austin-based security firm SpearTip Security Services, is one of three men along with Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey allegedly hired by Erik Charles Maund to kidnap, threaten, intimidate and ultimately murder Holly Williams and William Lanway in Nashville. on March 12, 2020, according to Federal Court records.

On Monday, unsealed federal court documents revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and several law enforcement agencies orchestrated the arrests of the four men involved three days earlier on Friday, December 10.

In the days that followed, KXAN continued to investigate the case to find out more.

Google Notice for Industry-Leading Security

KXAN discovered that Google’s last two reviews for SpearTip Security were written by an “Erik Maund” and a “Bryon Brockway”.

Reviews have been left on Google for SpearTip Security Group, which is linked to a murder for account case in Nashville. (Source: Google)

According to the date of the Google Review, “Maund” wrote a comment on SpearTip Security “a week ago”, which would have been a few days before his arrest on December 10.

The reviewer said: “Speartip is very professional and on top of that. They get the job done in an expedited time. I couldn’t imagine using anyone else !! ”

In response, what appears to be the owner of SpearTip replied, “Thanks for the kind words, it’s always a pleasure to work with you.”

Another Google review appears to have been posted eight months ago by “Bryon Brockway”.

This review said, “Speartip Security Group was very professional in the service they provided to us. They were easy to do business with and the security provided was top notch. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for VIP ride or protection. They responded to all of my concerns promptly and immediately covered my needs.

In response, what appears to be the owner of SpearTip replied, “Mr. Brockway. Thank you for choosing Speartip Security Group for your security needs. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.

KXAN contacted SpearTip to verify that these reviews were made by Erik Maund and Bryon Brockway, but was asked to leave a message and said the owner would respond.

Security group SpearTip is linked to the murder of a Nashville couple in 2020 (KXAN Photo / Dalton Huey)
Security group SpearTip is linked to the murder of a Nashville couple in 2020 (KXAN Photo / Dalton Huey)

Additionally, KXAN went to the SpearTip office to see if there was anyone who could speak to us in person, but no one was there.

Although KXAN was unable to confirm that these reviews were written by Erik Maund and Bryon Brockway, KXAN discovered that the profile image associated with Brockway’s Google review had an “INK” icon.

According to court records, the name of Brockway’s security company is “Ink Force LLC”.

Both reviews were conducted before the public was made aware of their involvement in SpearTip or the murder conspiracy.

Indictment for out-of-court murder

North Carolina resident Maund, Brockway, Peled and Adam Carey all face charges related to the deaths of Williams and Lanway.

According to the US Department of Justice, the incident began in February 2020, when Maund contacted former girlfriend Williams to see each other on her next trip to Nashville. According to documents, in March 2020, Maund began receiving messages from Lanway, who was romantically involved with Williams, threatening to expose Maund’s relationship with her and demanding money. Maund was married.

Federal documents indicate Maund is accused of hiring Peled, Brockway and Carey to help him deal with threats and demands. Peled said he was a former member of the Israel Defense Forces, according to the accused. The DOJ said the company announced it was helping clients respond to extortion requests.

Maund is transferred to Nashville and is asking “that any preliminary or detention hearing be held in the prosecution district, at a time set by this court,” according to court documents.

A new date for Maund’s detention hearing has yet to be set by U.S. District Court in Nashville. He remains in the custody of the US Marshals Service pending his transfer, which the DOJ says could take weeks.

The group faces a conspiracy to commit kidnapping, kidnapping causing death and carrying, brandishing a gun in connection with a violent crime. If found guilty, all face life imprisonment.

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