National Victims of Crime Rights Week – Virginia Department of Corrections

The National Victims of Crime Week (NCVRW) 2022 Resource Guide illustration is now available online to help your site plan its public outreach activities before and during NCVRW.

The NCVRW will be commemorated April 24-30, 2022

Use the NCVRW 2022 artwork to help inspire your community and raise awareness for victims’ rights. The 2022 NCVRW theme is Rights, Access, Equity, For All Victims. This year’s theme highlights the importance of helping survivors of crime achieve justice by:

  • Uphold the rights of victims
  • Expand access to services
  • Ensuring equity and inclusion for all

Join VADOC’s Victim Services Unit, along with victims of crime, survivors, and advocacy organizations nationwide to raise awareness of victims’ rights and services, celebrate progress, and honor victims and the professionals who serve them.

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The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) observes NCVRW each year by sponsoring or participating in various activities throughout the month to support victims. Please feel free to share these activities with family, friends or co-workers to help raise awareness for those who have been harmed by crime. See our 2022 NCVRW brochure for more information.

Poster competition

This is an annual event where we encourage inmates, probationers and parolees to participate in a poster challenge to celebrate National Victims of Crime Week. This activity aims to provide an opportunity to discuss the impact of crime on victims and how they can take responsibility for their actions.

How to vote

This year, the posters will be displayed at the VADOC headquarters in Richmond. The public can see the posters and vote for their favourites. The voting form will open on April 25, 2022 at noon and will close on April 29, 2022 at noon. Poster contest winners will be announced on Friday, April 29 after voting closes. Prizes will be awarded for each of the following categories: theme, empathy and responsibility.

know me the color

NCVRW is dedicated to raising awareness and commemorating victims of crime, as well as reflecting on the impact of crime on our communities. For 2022, we’ve also added Color ME Aware Days. Show your support for victims of crime by wearing the color of each day’s theme.

Color ME Aware Days (from 04/25 to 04/29/2022)

Monday – DUI – Red
Tuesday – IPV/DV/ Harassment – Purple
Wednesday – Gun/Gang Violence – Green
Thursday – Child Abuse – Light blue
Friday – Homicides – Dark blue

We have also added fact sheets for each crime to use during activities for your family, friends and colleagues to raise awareness of each of these five types of crimes during these days.

DUI Awareness Fact Sheet

IPV/DV/Bullying Awareness Fact Sheet

Gun and Gang Violence Awareness Fact Sheet

Child Abuse Awareness Fact Sheet

Homicide Awareness Fact Sheet

Each fact sheet was created with visuals in mind. The front can be used as a poster on the fridge, the office bulletin board or in a community center. The reverse offers activities to deepen the dialogue on crime and what victims experience. Depending on your group’s orientation, this may just be the beginning. Use your creativity to spark additional ideas to create awareness.

The fact sheets were created using material from the Victim Impact: Listening and Learning curriculum found on the Office for Victims of Crime website. For more information, visit Victim Centered Programs.

Voting Ambassadors

As part of our activities, we recognize staff who wish to share NCVRW activities throughout the month of April. We do this through the Voting Ambassador program. Staff will receive additional printed materials and a button to wear daily. This simple NCVRW button can spark a dialogue about victims of crime and the things they experience as a result of victimization. As part of the dialogues, Voting Ambassadors also help raise awareness of the annual poster competition. They help others access the online voting platform.

Voting Ambassador Duties

Second Annual Radford 5k Run/Walk

Our second annual 5k run/walk will be held in-person and virtually for NCVRW. The event will take place on Saturday, April 23, 2022 and will kick off the NCVRW events (April 24-30, 2022).

5K registration flyer

5K Courage Day

Our ally partner, The cupboard of courage, organizes a 5K to raise awareness among victims of DV / IPV. This is an in-person event taking place on Sunday, April 24, 2022 at Franklin Park in Purcellville, VA. It’s a family event with a fun race for the kids and more.

5K registration

Windmill Gardens

April is nationally recognized as Child Abuse Awareness Month. While we will be highlighting this type of crime during NCVRW’s Color ME Aware Days Thursday, the Department is also encouraging units across the state to place pinwheels in front of their units. The pinwheel was introduced in 2008 by Prevent Child Abuse America as a new national symbol for the prevention of child abuse.

Why the Pinwheel?

Because by its very nature, the pinwheel evokes playfulness, joy and childhood. It has become a physical reminder of the beautiful childhood that we wish for all children. The VADOC headquarters in Richmond will also have a garden of windmills in front of the offices. You can find activities to do with friends, family and co-workers on the Child Abuse Awareness Fact Sheet for Color ME Aware Days.

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