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A new online grocery store opened in Iqaluit last month.

Bayside Foods began taking orders for same-day delivery on September 7. Unlike other existing grocery stores in the city, the outlet offers home delivery.

Iqalummiut are already sharing stories about the business online.

“Super fresh fruit that I have never seen anywhere in Iqaluit in my three years of living here. Very reasonable prices,” said Ramkumar Pandiarajan, who ordered from the grocery service.

The company’s Facebook page is already filled with positive reviews.

“Great options, reasonable prices, fast delivery and the best customer service! And who doesn’t love groceries delivered right to your door,” wrote Vanessa Imelda, another happy customer.

According to Vincent Yvon, general manager of the company, the store meets an important need.

“The city needs a store like ours because a lot of residents are too busy to eat well,” he said. “By offering our customers the option of having fresh whole foods delivered to their doorstep, we are contributing to the culture of healthy eating in Iqaluit.

Yvon also explained that the company has big plans for Iqaluit.

“We hope over the next year to deliver to more than 50 households per day and give back to the community through employment opportunities and continued savings at the cash register,” he said. “We also want to offer foods that are more culturally appropriate to our diverse customer base.”

He went on to explain how they ensure food remains affordable.

“We always compare prices locally to make sure our prices are great, and we use suppliers like Northern Shopper who understand our community’s need for affordable, high-quality food,” he said.

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