Online booking, baggage scanners will be adopted by the Lagos-Ibadan rail

Lagos-Ibadan rail to be installed Online booking, baggage scanners will soon be installed for an upgrade

By Jeph Ajobaju, Editor-in-Chief

Baggage scanners will soon be installed and online ticket booking adopted in the Lagos-Ibadan rail service, assured the President of the Nigeria Union of Railway Workers (NURW), General Innocent Ajiji.

He revealed that the management of the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has planned online ticket reservations and baggage scanners, but it is uncertain whether there will be room for the point of sale service. (POS).

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Ajiji said advertisements had been placed for companies wishing to handle online bookings to apply and some had expressed interest.

“On the Abuja rail service, tickets are sold online, so one does not need to visit stations before buying tickets, but the Lagos-Ibadan one is a work in progress.

“One of the reasons for the delay is that the Lagos-Ibadan rail was barely open a few months ago and the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna service also contributed to the delay in installing these gadgets.

“Adverts have been placed for interested companies to apply.”


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Easier, safer online booking

If online reservations start before the end of the year, there would be no need for a point of sale, because buying tickets online would be much easier and safer, while passengers who could not buying online would do it at the ticket office,” Ajiji told The punch.

Baggage scanners disclosed by Ajiji have been acquired but have yet to be installed.

“The reduction in daily journeys following the rise in diesel prices and the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train also contributed to the delay of some of these work processes by the government.

“If it weren’t for the disruption we had with the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train, we would have gone far with these processes on the Lagos-Ibadan rail.”

A deputy station manager, who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity, added that “it’s management’s decision not to use an outlet, but the online booking monitor has been installed”.

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