PACE 2022 – book online this weekend and enjoy the same deals with RM2,500 vouchers

This weekend marks the start of the Premium Car Show (PACE) 2022which takes place at Setia City Congress Center (SCCC) from March 19-20. At PACE, you’ll find the best deals from participating brands on new and used premium cars.

In addition to this, all new car reservations made with PACE will come with RM2,500 vouchers and buyers will also be vying to win some amazing prices. With the course sales tax exemption – 50% for CBU imports and 100% for locally assembled CKD cars – which will end on June 30, there is certainly no better time to take advantage of savings as well.

However, what if you can’t be physically present at PACE this year? This could be for a number of reasons, whether it’s family or work commitments, plans with friends, self-quarantine measures, or you just prefer to be in the comfort of your home. Don’t worry because you will still be able to buy from PACE via

That’s right, PACE is online also, giving you the opportunity to book a car even if you can’t be at the SCCC this weekend. The best part is that all the deals available at SCCC are also offered online, along with the mentioned RM2,500 vouchers, which we give to the first 200 people who book a car.

These include a Good RM500 for auto coating and paint protection film (Kuzig Glanz), a Good RM500 for auto window film and auto coating (V-Kool), a Voucher RM500 for air purification solutions (Blueair), a RM500 voucher for child car seats (Recaro Kids) and a RM500 voucher for lifestyle products from Ogawa.

Participating brands will also have a fleet of quality used cars in store, and buyers will receive vouchers worth RM1,000 from PACE, consisting of two random RM500 vouchers from Kuzig Glanz, V-Kool, Blueair or Recaro Kids.

PACE 2022 shoppers, including those who book online, will also be in the running for prizes including 10 units of smartphones worth RM3,500 eachand there is even a grand prize of one holiday package worth RM25,000 for a lucky client and his partner. Learn more here.

So how do you book a car online? Simply point your browser to, choose the brand of car you are interested in and you can chat via WhatsApp with a sales advisor physically present at the event. You can ask all your questions to the SA and request additional information on the models and offers offered. The telephone numbers of the SA will be available on the PACE website from tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Once you have found the car that suits you best, how do you proceed with payment? Well, we do not collect payments, as PACE’s online portal is only for put you in touch with the sales staff at the show via WhatsApp.

Instead, you will need to receive instructions from the SA and make your reservations and pay directly to the car companies. Once done, your SA, who is at the SCCC, will head to the stand to register the sale and collect the vouchers on your behalf (if you are among the first 200 new car buyers). Your name will also be entered into the draw at the same time.

Brands participating in PACE this year include BMW and MINI (represented by Auto Bavaria, Mercedes-Benz (represented by Hap Seng Star), Ford volkswagen, VOLVO, Jaguar, land rover and hyundai. For those who prefer the thrill of a motorcycle, BMW Motorrad and Harley-Davidson will also be there.

Whether you attend in person or online, PACE is the place to take advantage of brand deals, guaranteed vouchers and sweepstakes, in addition to SST exemption. We’ll see each other there!

Discover more information about PACE 2022 and the online reservation system here.

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