PML-Q expresses reservations about new local organization system in Punjab

Bao Rizwan, Minister of PML-Q
  • The PML-Q, the main ally of the ruling PTI, expresses concerns over the proposed new system of local government in Punjab.
  • The government of Punjab did not trust PML-Q about the new system of local organizations in the province, Bao Rizwan said.
  • Bao Rizwan leaves the cabinet meeting in protest.

LAHORE: The Pakistani Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), one of the main allies of the ruling PTI, expressed concerns on Wednesday over the proposed new system of local government in Punjab.

Well-placed sources said the Punjab government decided to hold local elections across the province in March or April 2022. The provincial government also finalized the Punjab Local Government Bill (PLGA) 2021 and is trying to get it adopted. of the assembly in the days to come, The news reported.

At the Punjab cabinet meeting, PML-Q ministers expressed reservations about the new system of local government in the province. The sources said PML-Q Minister Bao Rizwan left the provincial cabinet meeting in protest after expressing reservations about the new local organ system.

Bao Rizwan said PML-Q ministers had not been consulted on the new system of local government. He said the head of the PML-Q should be put in confidence regarding the new system of local bodies.

11 metropolitan companies will be established in Punjab

According to the new law on local bodies, at least 11 metropolitan societies will be established in the province.

In addition to the 11 metropolitan corporations, 15 municipal corporations and 35 district councils will also be created in the province under the new law on local bodies. All local representatives, from the councilor to the mayor of the city, will be elected by direct suffrage.

In addition to this, more than 6,000 village and neighborhood councils will be created, while each village will have its own panchayat across the province.

Each village panchayat will consist of five members and will be given powers as well as a financial grant, sources said, adding that the body will settle minor disputes between villagers and deal with other issues such as street lighting and the supply of drinking water to the population.

PML-Q says it’s getting hard to support PTI

Earlier on November 15, the ruling coalition appeared to be in a quagmire as a key allied PTI party expressed reservations about the suffering of the masses amid rising inflation.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, top PML-Q leader and President of the Punjab Assembly, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, said it was getting really difficult to go and support the PTI government as an ally.

He had said that the PTI government appeared to have failed in alleviating the suffering of the public and regretted rubbing salt on public wounds by presenting non-problems as serious problems.

Elahi had said that the situation would worsen if immediate help was not provided to the common man and suggested that the authorities concerned get serious in resolving any problems faced by the public.

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