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In this article, I will show you:

  • Types of MMO games
  • Why People Boost MMO Games
  • MMO games that support boosting
  • The people to whom the boost will be useful for

MMO: massively multiplayer games

MMO as it is means massively multiplayer games that allow a large number of players to actively participate in a game at the same time online. This allows up to thousands of players to operate on the same server. These games can be played on a mobile device, smartphones, personal computers or video game consoles, etc.

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Some of these games allow players to use boosts to increase their ability while playing. As in World of WarCraft boosting services, i.e. WOW boostonly one player is guaranteed an experience or reward, which can sometimes feel unfair to other players.

MMOs encourage gamers around the world to play team games and compete on a massive scale. On the other hand, it gives room for meaningful player interaction in some cases. The expansion of the game after the development period has led game designers to create more multiplayer online games that can serve as a competitive mode.

Types of MMO games

There are different types of massively multiplayer online games


Under the aspect of racing, there are games called MMOR which means massively multiplayer online racing. Notable games under this platform are Imaging, Drift City, Project Torque, and Kart Rider. Some other miners include Need for Speed, Motor City Online, and Upshift Strikeracer. Trackmania has been recorded as the greatest MMO racing game in the world.


A lot of sports games allow online multilayers. Some are basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, football, etc. Some game reviews say that the first massively multiplayer online game came from the sports section.

In most types of multiplayer online games, each player controls an avatar. This feature appears in games such as Dead Frontier, Dragon Nest, Drakensang Online, H sword, Eternal Lands, Ever Quest, Fantasy Westward Journey, Francis, God’s War Online, Hero Online, Illyriad, Knight Online, Master of Epic, Mortal Online , New World, Omerta, Perfect World, Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Other games include Lost Ark, Puzzle Pirates, Rappelz, Red Stone, Shot-Online, Spiral Knights, Terra, Tibia, Torn, Trove, Underlight, Vendetta Online, Wakfu, With Your Destiny, Wurm Online, World of WarCraft, Vindictus, Ultimata Online, Toontown Rewritten, A Tale in the Desert, etc.

However, the games listed above have different business models. As such, you can play for free while some require you to buy to play.

Booster in MMO games.

In massively multiplayer online, the boost requires the habit of paying for a service that allows players to advance faster in the game. Betting more or less a few steps to reach a higher stage. For example, a player may be interested in a particular game and pick up later than other players. Such a player may need to skip some content to reach the stage they are interested in. This procedure is what we call the purchase of reinforcement capacities.

However, some players see this as a bad step, so they tend to dislike boosted players. Others claim that the website supports boosting, so it’s not a bad way. And it is important to note that the boost in massively multiplayer games is not free.

Also in other games, boosting can be done by a higher ranked player agreeing to play on a lower account in order to get a payout in such a lower rank. This is called inflating the competitive ranking of a lower ranked player. Winning matches through boosting, players most of the time earn a number of rewards that they would never otherwise get. As with all other competitions, people are always ready to do anything to get a better edge.

However, note that not all massively multiplayer online games allow boosting while playing on their website. Some that encourage boosting are World of WarCraft, Guild Wars 2, Ultima Online, etc.

MMO Games Support Boosting/Boosting Websites

Let’s take a look at some well-known game boosters which are mainly used for playing massively multiplayer online games.

1. Boost GG

GG Boost is best known for its excellent payout ratio and product customization. The format of this one allows you to select your favorite roles and games, then you entrust the account to a booster. This feature puts you and the booster in control of the game. Boosters respect the rules and conduct by disabling chat while using your account, making them offline for all your friends. Also, the platform provides 24/7 live customer support, giving you peace of mind while managing your account on the platform.

2. game boost

This platform not only comes with performance boosting but also coaching and accounts for sale. This boosting service allows a player to get into the pro ranks and also increases the rank of the account. The coaching function is assigned to improve a player’s skills. There is also the option of Duo Boosting or Solo boosting depending on the type of account you are running. To track your account while boosting, the website provides a way to chat with your booster using the app and also a 24/7 support tracking system.

3. Elo Boost.

Elo Boost has been recorded as having the most loyal fanbase among all other boosting platforms. There is the availability of the best boosters to help you travel faster at a competitive price. For Elo, it guarantees the success of seven of the ten selected games that are boosted. You are allowed to choose the role you want your booster to play in a custom account boost. They offer a six-day, 24/7 support service in all of their regions.

4. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is Razer’s main gaming booster that allows gamers to get extra footage from their gigs. It also reduces the number of applications running on the PC hardware. As such, it allows you to achieve optimal results while the game is running.

It also creates a lusher and more exclusive gaming environment that reduces the game’s external calls on your system’s power.

Its main feature is Boost Prime which allows game specific boost for many games. These main boosters are designed to dramatically improve your performance while you play.

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Who will it be useful to?

Boosting is useful for any gamer who sees the need to boost their game. Boosting is not restricted to any particular age group. Games such as FIFA, League of Legends and Apex Legends also allow boosting. It was recalled that the first boosting sites date back to World of WarCraft. For the boosters, it was a lucrative form of business so it served them well. They earn up to a few hundred euros per month. It has become a means of employment opportunities as people develop their skills at different levels.

In addition, the boost helps talented players to earn money. Player sets are generally divided into beginner, intermediate, and professional players. These sets of professional gamers have worked to develop their skills to a certain level which makes them certified to earn money depending on the exact gaming platform.

MMO games are meant to be fun. If you feel stressed, visit one of the sites listed without casino bonus deposit to relax.


Beyond these activities, however, store revitalization has such a positive impact on the gaming industry, gamers, and society at large that hating all potential sorts of this phenomenon or hating it in general can be a sign of narrow-mindedness and a type of cliché.

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