President Biden’s executive order will bring government services online

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden signed a new executive order that aims to improve the way Americans interact with certain government agencies. The executive order will be used to order 17 different government agencies to bring their services online, modernizing the way Americans interact with government.

President Biden’s recent executive order will be an attempt to make it easier for the American public when it comes to dealing with government agencies. The change prompts several departments to modernize their programs, reduce administrative burdens and create new online tools and technologies to deliver a better customer experience.

Regarding the New Order, President Biden had this to say, “Today I sign an Executive Order to ensure… that the federal government puts you, the American people, on the front line.

Many of these agencies, such as the Treasury Department or the Department of Veterans Affairs, were considered difficult to manage. This decree hopes to alleviate some of that pain.

Neera Tanden, senior advisor to the president, spoke to reporters earlier this week about the new executive order, saying:

“We looked at the biggest sticking points for people with their government – filing income tax, applying for Social Security benefits, waiting in TSA queues – and focused on ways to reduce this friction. “

The new order includes the 17 agencies mentioned above with 35 specific domains and departments that will need to adapt to an online space, making it easier for Americans to interact with departments that regularly deal with the general public.

This is a long overdue change. Dealing with government agencies in America can be very painful and time-consuming, especially in agencies and departments that regularly deal with the public.

Hopefully President Biden’s new executive order will help get rid of some of the monotonous processes that have hampered government action in this country for too long.

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