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Date published: 04 November 2021

Local residents are encouraged to visit a local pharmacy as a first stopover before contacting a general practitioner for minor illnesses and conditions.

This week is Ask Your Pharmacist Week (November 1-8), a campaign by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) to remind people of the many services community pharmacists can offer.

“What’s wrong with my skin” and “why is it taking so long to dispense my meds” are just a few of the questions people can ask a local pharmacist to get quick and expert advice, without an appointment.

People will be encouraged to use pharmacies as their first port of call for personal care. Personal care is extremely important and can help local NHS services during the busy winter months. A well-stocked medicine cabinet can really make a difference in every home.

Bruce Prentice, pharmacist at NHS England and NHS Improvement (North West), said: “Pharmacists are clinically trained healthcare professionals who can provide a wide range of medical advice and information about medicine.

“With over 1,600 community pharmacies across the region, medical advice is never too far from home. If you have a minor illness or condition, need help with a prescription, or need advice on a healthy lifestyle, go to a pharmacy, you don’t need an appointment. you.

As part of the New Medicine Service, community pharmacies can also offer advice to people on new medications for conditions such as type 2 diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure as well as general check-ups.

Bruce added, “All pharmacies have private consultation rooms that allow you to discuss your health concerns and medications with confidence.

“You may be referred to a pharmacy by a general practitioner to make sure that you are able to speak to a clinically trained professional about your condition. “

Community pharmacies are also supporting Covid-19 vaccination programs and the annual flu vaccination, making it easier for people to protect themselves this winter. Ask your local pharmacy about vaccinations.

Find out how a community pharmacy can help you or check the hours of operation for your local pharmacy.

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