Safe Stays by ReloShare adds numerous social agencies and a national hotel brand to a revolutionary emergency accommodation platform

CHICAGO, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Safe Stays by ReloShare, which is transforming the way social service agencies provide safe emergency accommodation for victims of crime, continues to expand and grow with the addition of a hotel brand leading and new users of social service agencies in several states.

The latest hotel addition to the Safe Stays portal is a leading national company with hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms in the United States across multiple brands. Rooms from this hotel brand are now available for online booking by social agencies seeking accommodation for people in an emergency.

Since January, more than 135 new social services and government agencies have also been integrated into the Safe stays by ReloShare hotel booking platform. In total, more than 220 agencies across the United States now use this personalized platform to secure local accommodation for survivors of crime, ensuring complete anonymity via name aliases and no credit card requirements and identification when checking in.

Ahimsa House, georgia first and only organization dedicated to helping human and animal victims of domestic violence reach safety together, has increased monthly bookings since using the ReloShare Platform.

“Safe Stays by ReloShare is a complete game-changer,” said Justin MaslankaVictim Services Coordinator, Ahimsa House, Atlanta. “It now takes us less than 30 minutes to find and book a hotel, with quick confirmation from a ReloShare representative that they are handling all communication with the hotel. Before Safe Stays, we dreaded having to find a hotel for a client because it was so stressful. Now the staff, volunteers and clients are all excited when we say we can almost immediately find a safe place for the client.

Y women of Richmond, Virginiais a partner of EmpowerNeta regional network of six domestic and sexual violence agencies Greater Richmond Region. The agency believes Safe Stays simplifies and improves its customer support.

“We love the efficiencies Safe Stays by ReloShare creates for our staff and the utility they provide in ensuring safe housing for our customers,” said Mica’ Morgan, Director of EmpowerNet, Richmond Women’s Y. “ReloShare takes care of confirming the anonymity of the hotel space, ensuring that our guests don’t have to share their name or provide ID upon arrival. They respond quickly and keep us up to date. current throughout the booking process.”

Meanwhile, Safe Stays by ReloShare recently earned an honorable mention in the “On the Rise: 0-4 years in business category” of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards. fast business is an annual recognition of the innovative ways companies and individuals are tackling the world’s most important challenges. Earlier this year, Safe Stays by ReloShare was nominated for fast businessthe prestigious annual list of The most innovative companies in the world for 2022, honoring companies that have the greatest impact on their industries and culture as a whole.

“We and our partners are proud to continue our award-winning efforts to support people who need help during their most vulnerable times,” said Matt Singley, Managing Director, ReloShare. “Safe Stays is committed to helping social agencies be more effective in supporting their customers, while partnering with some of the biggest hotel brands to ensure room availability in the event of an emergency. big difference in an issue that sadly affects so many people in this country.”

About Safe Stays by ReloShare

Safe stays by Reloshare offers non-profit organizations and government social service agencies the ability to find and secure local accommodation from national hotel providers in real time with built-in privacy features, essential for people in need of housing. emergency due to domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault and other crimes. Safe Stays is a ReloShare company, the leading real-time booking and sourcing marketplace for corporate accommodations and hotels in North Americafounded in 2020. The company, based in Chicago, is built on a foundation of technology, accommodation and business travel experience and expertise. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter and instagram.

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