SpiceJet Plans To Introduce Drone Delivery Service For Vaccines, Essentials, Health News, ET HealthWorld

SpiceJet on Saturday announced plans to introduce a drone delivery service to transport vaccines, life-saving drugs and essential goods.

The low-budget carrier said it has partnered with Throttle Aerospace for more than 50 premium custom drones, while Aeologic will provide management for the drone software.

In a statement, SpiceJet said it plans to introduce custom drones of different payloads, including 0-5 kg, 5-10 kg and 10-25 kg, which could potentially change the capabilities of the supply chain. from India.

The airline said it initially plans to target mid-mile drone deliveries while preparing for last-mile deliveries in the future.

“SpiceXpress (the logistics arm of the airline) will focus on delivering vaccines, life-saving medicines and essential goods, among others, to the most remote and remote corners of the country, which are otherwise difficult to reach by traditional means of transport, ”he said.

The airline’s initial outreach plan for its drone business encompasses 10 districts with more than 150 locations with the goal of making more than 25,000 deliveries per month, he noted.

SpiceJet will also set up dedicated drone ports at strategic locations across the country.

Last year, a consortium led by SpiceXpress submitted a proposal to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to conduct experimental drone operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in response to a DGCA advisory inviting to show interest.

Based on the recommendations of the BVLOS Experiments Evaluation and Monitoring Committee, SpiceXpress received formal authorization from the regulator to conduct experimental trials of BVLOS drones in May 2020.

“Throttle Aerospace successfully completed 100 hours of testing based on the recommendations of the BVLOS Experiences Monitoring and Assessment Committee,” the airline said.

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