Stayflexi Launches Revolutionary Magic Link Technology Allowing Hotels to Automate 80% of Front Desk Operations

As the final countdown to HITEC 2022 is officially underway, California-based hotel technology provider Stayflexi is gearing up to launch its latest innovation, Magic Link. Magic Link is a uniquely generated short web URL for each booking, without the need for a dedicated app. This revolutionary new feature allows hotels to connect with their guests in real time.

Magic Link handles self-check-in, room upgrade requests, upsells, payment processing, and any additional customer service requests. For ease of use, Magic Link loads on any mobile device without the need for a native app and can be made accessible throughout the booking cycle.

Upon booking their stay, guests will receive an email and SMS prompt to open their hotel’s Magic Link and can perform the actions below without having to call the front desk:

  1. Self check-in
  2. Room upgrade
  3. Early check-in or late check-out
  4. Complementary purchases
  5. Make payments on the balance due
  6. See their travel itinerary

“Magic Link can be accessed on any mobile browser and loads with impeccable speed,” says Venkatatesh Sakamuri, CEO and co-founder of Stayflexi. “From a hotelier’s perspective, Magic Link is an incredible way to automate front desk tasks, maximize staff productivity, and meet guest demand for a contactless experience while generating additional revenue.” transparently. Traditionally, this was only available to hotels with native app development, but now enhanced mobile connectivity is truly accessible.

One of the hotels using Magic Link is Nap York, located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, which has seen great success in implementing the new feature. “Nap York has automated 80% of its front desk operations with Magic Link. Now customers can check in online from their laptop or mobile device and get door lock access codes immediately,” Sakamuri shares. “Soon we will also add chat and service requests to the feature, and we are constantly innovating it to make it a connection point between guest and hotel.”

HITEC attendees and media are invited to meet the Stayflexi team and see Magic Link in action at booth #228, June 27-30. To learn more about Stayflexi, visit

About Stayflexi

Trusted by over 1,300 independent hotels, luxury resorts and timeshare groups worldwide, Stayflexi is the industry’s first fully automated, all-in-one hotel management and automation platform.

Reshaping a legacy hotel technology landscape, the modern cloud-based solution provides integrated PMS, Guest Upsells, Channel Manager, Booking Engine and Revenue Management tools under single sign-on. Packed with powerful features to streamline and automate operations while increasing staff productivity and guest satisfaction, Stayflexi can help hotels maximize profitability. Self-service options such as self-service check-in/out, contactless POS, automatic room assignment and automatic inventory management can reduce operational costs by 50%, while the upsell engine can increase bookings by 30% while improving customer experience.

The company was founded by computer science majors from Carnegie Mellon and Cornell to solve their own problems as hosts as well as travelers and currently serves more than 23,000 rooms in 100 cities in 13 countries.

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Sales manager
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