Supertech Insolvency How homebuyers can submit claims online. A step by step guide here

New Delhi: As the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has declared Noida-based real estate company Supertech Ltd insolvent, homebuyers in the project in the National Capital Region (NCR) must now submit their claims to the Professional Resolution Office insolvency now. Property owners can submit their complaints with proof online by visiting Also, for any questions, homebuyers are asked to call 8904039001 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The NCLT order will likely affect more than 25,000 homebuyers who have reserved their homes with the company for several years. The insolvency order was a blow to the company as its single settlement proposal was not accepted by Union Bank.Also Read – Developer Supertech has declared bankruptcy, 25,000 homebuyers likely to be affected. Details here

A step-by-step guide to submitting your claims

  1. To visit
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Some information in the forms is pre-filled, such as project name, your name, email id.
  4. Some information marked with an * at the end is mandatory; make sure you have provided this required information.
  5. Upload at least one supporting document to support your claim.
  6. Only PDF documents are supported and should not exceed 500 KB in size per document (maximum 15 documents).
  7. Compress your PDF if necessary.
  8. Finally, you need to print the form and check the details.
  9. Sign the printed form, scan it and save it in pdf format.
  10. Each time you modify the form, you must print the form (if you have modified any information).
  11. The duly signed copy of the pdf file of the form must be uploaded to the claims management solution.
  12. You can save the application in draft state (upload at least one document and the PDF form), edit again later.
  13. Submit the complaint to the resolution professional.
  14. The claim status will change to Submitted.
  • If you don’t have an account, create one first by providing details like -Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, User ID
  • Accept the privacy policy
  • Click on the register button

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Supertech Homebuyers

(Q) The Claims Management Portal does not allow me to attach a file larger than 500 KB. I have much larger documents. What should be done in such cases?

A: The size of each file is kept at 500KB keeping in mind the smooth and efficient operation of the portal. An applicant can upload up to 15 files of 500 KB each to support their application. If the size of the document is large, the requester can only attach the relevant pages of the document to support the request, otherwise split the file into several parts and then attach the partial documents.

(Q) What needs to be filled in as a Customer ID on the personal details page of the Complaints Management Portal?

A: The Customer ID is the unique 7-digit identifier that has been provided to each customer for each booking. You can verify your unique customer ID in the award letter, customer statement, and payment receipt. It is very important to fill in the correct Customer ID on the portal as this will help identify your specific unit at the time of claim verification.

(Q) How do I complete the claim form for multiple properties under the same name?

A: The Homebuyer must create a separate Login/User ID on the Claims Management Portal for each property they own. Connections can be created using a single email id and mobile number. No obligation to have a different email id and mobile for each connection. The home buyer has a unique customer ID for each of the units they have reserved. A separate application must be submitted for each unit under
the respective login that was created on the Complaints Management Portal.

(Q) How can plot details be filed in the claim form? There is only flat number, turn number option is given in form.

A: The parcel owner can write the parcel number in the flat number column and write “not applicable” in the columns when details are not available.

(Q) One of the project names mentioned on the claims management portal mentions “Official Enclave” instead of Officer’s Enclave. What should be done?

This is a typographical error. Please read “Official Enclave” as “Officers Enclave”.

(Q) I filed and submitted my claim form, but there are some discrepancies and missing information in the submitted claim form. How will the IRP approach the same?

A: Once the claim is submitted on the Claims Management Portal, it will be restricted for editing. The submitted claim will be reviewed and reconciled with the company’s books. During verification and reconciliation, if we find any incomplete or missing information/documentation, we will re-open the claim submission portal for a revised submission.

In the event that the customer wishes to revise the Suo-moto claim, then the customer may send a letter to [email protected] with a request to allow re-submission of the revised claim form. The team will review the request on a case-by-case basis and take appropriate action (if applicable)

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