Texan bathing spot Jacob’s Well open for reservations

The heat will eventually hit Texas, y’all. You can start preparing for the inevitable by making reservations at the popular Jacob’s Well Natural Area bathing spring in Wimberley. On Monday, March 7, Hays County announced that the public can now begin booking times for the 2022 swim season from May 1 through September 30.

Jacob’s Well is an artesian spring that releases thousands of gallons of water daily. It is the second largest fully submerged cave in Texas, according to Hays County. The water temperature remains constant at 68 degrees.

The source of the water is from the Trinity Aquifer, which makes its way from an extensive underground cave system. The deepest part of the cave system is 140 feet deep. The length of the main cavern is 4,341 feet and the secondary cavern, which branches off from the main cavern, is 1,314 feet long.

Although there is no charge to enter the natural area, there is a charge to swim in Jacob’s Well. At this time, the swimming pool is in aquatic restoration period where swimming is prohibited until the opening of the season in May.

Reservations are for specific two-hour time slots and customers must show up at the time indicated in their reservation. Late arrival is allowed and the park will hold your reservation until you arrive, but your time slot remains the same and you will have less time to swim.

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If you wish to swim in the natural spring well, admission ranges from $5 to $9. If you need help making payment for a reservation, please email us at [email protected]

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