The 12 best wine delivery services you can order online in 2021

What could be better than drinking wine? Get delivered, of course.

And, if you’re proud of your perfectly dressed bar cart and fully stocked wine rack, this edition is for you.

From crispy cabernets to sparkling prosecco, you can have bottles of your favorite crack-opens delivered right to your door.

Luckily, there are so many options to do just that, from ordering a bottle when you’re craving a favorite red for the winter, to full subscription services to make sure your supply doesn’t run out. never exhausts.

Just because the holidays are approaching doesn’t mean you need a special occasion to order take out boxes. You can add this list to your favorites for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, and even Valentine’s Day to celebrate with your loved one.

To save you the hassle of going to the liquor store, we’ve rounded up the 12 best wine delivery services you can order from. Trust us, they will all make you want to toast and say hello.

Usual wines

Turn a usual night out into a fun night out with a glass of the usual wine.

Beaker-shaped wine bottles are anything but the usual and are as delicious as they are beautiful to look at. They currently offer Brut, Rosé, Red and a special reserve bottle, as well as gift boxes perfect for tasting. Each bottle corresponds to a 6.3-ounce serving and is sold online in packs of six, 12, 18, and 24.

A wine basket with wine, cheese and cookies

A whole range of wines and snacks to pair with, this option is a party all wrapped up in a basket and tied with a bow.

Order at and send a friend a thoughtful gift basket, and send one while you’re at it. Choose from a full basket, like The Entertainer, with wines and goodies, or opt for a wine-specific basket like the Rosé is The Way basket with the pink drink and other assorted snacks to pair with.

3. Saucey, save $ 10 on your first purchase with the code NYPOST

A red gloved hand pouring white wine into a glass held by another hand on a yellow background

Craving Saucey but stationary?

Sit on the couch and have the wine come to you, ordering through Saucey, the liquor delivery platform that offers a wide variety of wines, in addition to beer and spirits. The best part? They will deliver in 30 minutes or less in some places, so go ahead and order a pizza and eat it at the same time without ever leaving your house. If you don’t qualify for fast delivery, they’ll ship it to you anyway, within a very convenient two-day period.

As a bonus, by the end of the year, enjoy $ 10 off your first purchase at Saucey with the code “NYPOST. ”

Three bottles of wine sit on a wooden counter

For when the weather outside is drizzling or snowing, stay indoors and take a bottle out of your home with Drizly’s delivery.

The liquor delivery app is a great idea for anyone who wants to skip the liquor store while still having their favorite wine close at hand. Drizly has both a website and a mobile application, making it easier than ever to stock red, white, rosé… in addition to the many beers and spirits also in stock.

Four bottles of wine and a Winc box lie in front of a yellow door

For those who are fed up with their favorite varietals and want to think outside the box, order one from Winc and see what they choose for you.

The monthly wine subscription service tailors their wines to your tastes, with a quiz during registration to assess which flavors, blends, and varieties you should try next. Each month, you’ll receive four handpicked bottles in the mail, delivered right to your door for hassle-free wine tasting right from your home. A monthly subscription of three bottles per month costs $ 39, with the option to add additional bottles starting at $ 13 apiece.

A cartoon of wine bottles jumping out of a box
Plot wine

Here’s another parcel service that brings the party to you.

Parcel Wine ships throughout the contiguous United States and offers free shipping to those in New York City for orders over $ 150, which won’t be hard to achieve after reviewing their wine selection. Not only do they offer basic brands of all varieties, but they also have a section for fine and rare wines in their cellar book. Once you’re hooked, consider joining the Monthly Wine Drop, which offers three unique bottles each month for $ 95.

A man and two women clap with wine glasses
Bright cellars

Here is a bright idea for your next wine evening.

Bright Cellars is a monthly wine subscription club that takes your tastes into account when choosing which bottles to send. First, take a quiz to let the Bright Cellars team know what you like and don’t like about a wine. Then, after seeing which wines they recommend, choose four and they’ll send them right to your door. The monthly service costs $ 80, so each bottle costs just $ 20 for a handpicked choice around the world.

Three bottles of wine on a counter with garlic, mushrooms and other spices in the background
Wine on sale

Whenever the words “wine” and “sale” are in the same sentence, you should probably be careful.

Get your favorite wines at unbeatable prices on this site, which will also deliver to your door for free on orders of six or more bottles with code FREE DELIVERY1 at the register. Bulk ordering won’t be a problem either, as the site has an impressive range of gift boxes and organized boxes, from a box of winter classics to a 12 or six bottle packaging perfect for a date night. you at home.

Four bottles of wine on a counter, two red and two white

With, it’s incredibly easy to send wine straight to your door, with thousands of wines to choose from and an ever-growing range of new wines to try.

The online platform is currently running a promotion for new customers, taking $ 20 off your order of $ 100 or more with the code NEW 2021 at the register. Hitting the $ 100 minimum won’t be too difficult, as you can stock up on red, white, rosé, and even sparkling wines to last a while, or a few weeks – without judgment.

A white phone with a wine delivery app on the screen
Minibar delivery

Bring the hotel minibar to you, and at much better prices.

Minibar Delivery works both on their website and on their mobile app, so you can order wine and other drinks on the go. Simply enter your address to see their selection of wines, as well as delivery times, or check out this list of cities. Not only do they offer red, white and sparkling wines, but they also deliver other beers and spirits and will even drop a bag of ice, eliminating the trip to the bodega in the cold.

A range of wines with a red heart in the background
WSJ Wine

WSJwine is a great idea for gifting bottles to friends or ordering a few for yourself. They offer wine packages, like the recommended Warming Winter Reds boxed set with 12 bottles for $ 159.88, or 12 bottles of their five-star favorites for $ 174.88, now over 20% off. If you like to choose your wine yourself, take a look at their options and add anything that catches your eye to your cart.

A range of wine bottles, sorted by color from dark red to pink to white
Splashing Wines

For those who like difficult things after a long day at work, this site is for you.

Splash Wines is a great option for ordering cases of wine to your home, making the liquor store obsolete and your wine cellar well stocked. Take a look at the cases, chosen by the experts at Splash, or trust your own sommelier skills and create your own box from an array of options in reds, whites and everything in between.

Splash also offers a subscription service, starting at six bottles for $ 59 or 15 bottles for $ 89, free shipping included for both. Choose from monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery and other options on the site, to make your subscription perfectly suited to your needs.

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