The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado Surpasses 150,000 Reservations

During GM’s second-quarter earnings call, CEO Mary Barra told analysts Chevrolet had taken 150,000 refundable reservations for the 2024 Silverado EV. Reservations opened on January 5, 2022 and poured in. During a first-quarter earnings presentation in late April, Barra said Chevy had 140,000 reservations. The latest tally means buyers have made 10,000 more bookings in the last three months. We don’t know how many “pluses” are, but if we compare electric pickup numbers, Ford hit the milestone of “over 150,000 reservations” for the F-150 Lightning five months after the order books opened. . It then stopped taking bookings when the number hit 200,000 two months later. At seven months, the Silverado EV is about 50,000 behind the F-150 Lightning.

Not that it means anything. Until we can see how many trucks are being built and how many deliveries are being made, all of these numbers are written in pencil. Remember there are Bronco reservation holders who are still waiting for their trucks 2.5 years after making a few excited mouse clicks, and GMC Hummer EV production is still believed to be less than 15 units a day . It is also believed that due to the current market and because buyers are well informed about supply issues, a notable number of bookings are either pinball machines or those who get their name on a number of listings to get the chance to get the electric vehicle delivered first.

More important are some of the details Barra shared about who signs up, but even those must have plenty of leeway given the previous paragraph. In February, Barra said about 240 fleets raised their hands for the Silverado EV, a group that might be considered more serious than the average bettor. The CEO said 70% of reservation holders are from the west or east coasts and 65% are conquest buyers. That’s consistent with listing trends at GMC, where 75 percent of Hummer EV reservations come from buyers new to the brand. Cadillac has similar trends with 70% of registrants for the Lyriq arriving from outside the monochromatic crest family.

With the Work Truck version not slated for production until early next year, we’ll have to research the F-150 Lightning to provide insight into how EVs perform as workhorses. And remember, Ram is doing the same thing, planning to put what it learns into the battery-electric pickup that debuts this fall.

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