The actor sells out in an hour


TICKETS to see comedian Michael McIntyre at the Kenton Theater in Henley sold out in just over an hour.

Half of the 240 seats on the New Street site were sold online and were gone in less than a minute.

The remaining tickets were made available through the New Street box office on Monday morning.

McIntyre will test new material for his latest arena tour when he appears on stage at 8 p.m. on Monday.

There will be a 30 minute support number before a short interval followed by a performance by McIntyre for about an hour.

He last performed at Kenton in rehearsal for his Happy & Glorious Arena tour in 2015, when tickets sold out in 30 seconds.

Theater director Simon Spearing said: “I am really delighted that he wants to come back to Kenton. It is a good thing for us and the public.

“Normally, if you’re going to see it, it would be in a stadium or arena with thousands of other people.

“Seeing him at Kenton is probably as close to him as possible.

“This is something we had been hoping for for a few weeks, but we only received confirmation that he wanted to come on Friday and tickets went on sale two days later.

“It all happened very quickly, but when someone of his stature comes to town, the tickets are always going to sell out quickly.

“It was a predictable result and we expected a lot of traffic to our website. We kept half the tickets so that people who are less comfortable booking online have a fair chance and can call or go to the box office. “

Tickets cost £ 26 each and were limited to four per household.

Buyers will be able to collect their tickets at the theater the same evening.

There is a waiting list of around 40 people for the show.

Mr Spearing said: “I would encourage people to get on the list. Even if you feel like you’re far away, you might get lucky.

“It’s not the only current show he’s doing and there will be more.

“I can’t say if there will be more in Kenton. The last time he came he was back after a few weeks.

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