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New Years countdowns are almost always the highlight of any holiday on December 31. But that will not be the case this year as the nighttime curfew (11 p.m. to 5 a.m.) imposed by the Delhi government, starting on December 27, resulted in a change in the plans of many revelers who wanted to go out ringing in 2022. with their friends and family at the stroke of midnight. Although large gatherings have already been banned in Delhi-NCR, dinners with intimate family members at restaurants will also have to be completed well before 11pm now.

Some Delhiites who were planning on going out have now decided to party at the house, along with close family members, and have booked a dinner for a day later in the New Year. Dimple Kumar, a housewife and blogger from Delhi, says: “We had planned to go out for dinner, but now we have decided to have a little pot-house party at home. It will be just us and our neighbors. It’s time to celebrate, but we also need to be careful. And due to the curfew, no one can travel much, so that seemed ideal at the moment. “

For restaurants, such a change of plan will make another dent in their business. Arjun Dawar, owner of Uncultured and One Oak, says, “All of our reservations were canceled because most people had reservations from 9pm to 1am. On New Year’s Day, the countdown is the most important. And since that does not happen, people are no longer interested in coming. We will therefore allow the entrances, if necessary, and close the entrance when we reach 50% capacity. ”

Restaurants are operating at 50% of their capacity, to follow Covid protocols, and even ensure regular disinfection and social distancing. (Photo: Sanchit Khanna / HT)

A similar position is that of Umang Tiwari, owner of Local, Junkyard and Liv Bar. He shares his disappointment that New Years Eve plans for his clients will have to be changed now, and says, “We canceled everything from now on. We were already operating at 50% of our capacity, and now there is also a timing issue. If the curfew starts at 11 p.m., we will have to close before 10:30 p.m. We therefore have no reservations at the moment.

And Vidushi Sharma, owner of Mensho Tokyo, adds how they had been inundated with bookings earlier and even offered time slots to ensure social distancing. But now everything has changed. She informs: “Previously, we planned to take our last order at 11pm. But due to an increase in cases and a government-enforced nighttime curfew, we will now have to take the last order around 10 or 10 p.m., so people can finish on time and get home on time. the start of the curfew. ”

But some Delhiites do not let this change of plan dampen their morale as they agree that safety comes first. “The New Year is very special for us, and as a family we have plans to get high in music,” said Sonam Upadhyaya, a teacher from the Enclave of Safdarjung, adding, “This year we will be devoting the evening to singing and dancing with each. other. The women of the house will rest and pamper themselves while the men will take care of the cooking. And whether it’s the kids or the grandparents, everyone will be playing a musical instrument and singing as we step into the New Year. Although we don’t call anyone at home due to the curfew, we won’t miss the fun of counting down to New Years at home!

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