The Great British Dog Walk comes to Heaton Park

Hundreds of dog walkers and their furry friends will take part in the Great British Dog Walk in September.

This is the first time the event has taken place at Heaton Park and organizers hope it will raise support and money for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity.

Carina Hummel, chief executive of Specsavers Audiology, which supports the Great British Dog Walk, said: ‘It’s a great way for people to have fun, exercise, meet like-minded people and perhaps most importantly, to meet lots of cute dogs. while supporting a good cause.

It costs around £40,000 to fully train and support a hearing dog, which then alerts deaf children and adults to important life-saving sounds.

They also help provide great company and companionship.

Carina said: ‘If every person who walked the Great British Dog Walk raised just £10 above the cost of their event ticket, the charity could train another dog entirely to alert deaf people to sounds important and vital that they would otherwise miss.

“We are very proud of our involvement in the Great British Dog Walk and the fact that it is helping to transform the lives of deaf people. We look forward to the march in Heaton Park and hope that many people from the area will show their support.
On the day there will be two walking options, 3km or 5km, so walkers can choose what is best for them and their dogs.

There will also be the option of a 10 a.m. mass start or a later, quieter start time depending on personal preference.

Christine, from Stockport, currently benefits from a hearing dog, she said: “My hearing dog Jessie, and my other dogs before her, have changed my life. Jessie is my ears, alerting me every day to important sounds I would normally miss, such as the alarm clock, oven timer, and in an emergency, the smoke detector.

“Jessie also gives me a lot of emotional support, helps me feel less isolated and when I’m outside she really breaks the ice because her burgundy jacket tells people I have hearing loss which helps me really.

“People are amazed at what Jessie does for me and I really can’t say how much easier my life is because of her. Everyone who walks the Great British Dog Walk will help Hearing Dogs for Deaf People train more hearing dogs that will change people’s lives, just like Jessie changed mine.”

Every dog ​​will get a free bandana and anyone raising over £50 will get a free gift.

Tickets cost £10 per adult, but children under 16 can go for free. There will be same-day registration, but booking online in advance is advised.

To register for the Great British Dog Walk at Heaton Park, click here.

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