The original “Scream” house is on Airbnb – and you can book a stay for Halloween


If you love horror movies – so much so that you want to live indoors for a night – you’re in luck in October. Airbnb offers Superfans of “Scream” a stay at home where much of the original film took place – and where Ghostface was first defeated.

Oh, and if you do manage to land a reservation, it’ll only cost you $ 5 per Airbnb.

Airbnb has renovated the original house “Scream” in northern California – you know, the place of the party that turned into the murders; the same house where Tatum met his grisly disappearance in the garage, where the identity of the masked killer “Ghost face” was revealed, and the heroine Sidney ultimately won – and it looks almost exactly like what she was in the 1996 film.

Notably, there’s now a stained glass window with Ghostface’s face to keep things creepy – although Airbnb isn’t sure if the killer will make an appearance.

Visitors will be greeted (virtually) by Sheriff Dewey Riley, played by original actor David Arquette. They can plan a four-movie “Scream” marathon – on VHS tapes, to stick with the period – or even call Ghostface to “ask questions or make requests,” according to Airbnb. Ghostface tends to call first, however, so customers can expect him to call them all night.

Horror Movie Hopes have three chances to score a stay: The home will host three overnight stays throughout the last week of October, ending on Halloween night, with one bedroom for four people per night. stay. But it will be a feat in itself to even land a reservation – the reservation opens on October 12 at 1 p.m. ET, and, just as it was in Woodsboro that fateful fall, it will be open season on Airbnb.

The Airbnb experience is only two months away from the 25th anniversary of the the original movie “Scream” Release. The horror satire, led by horror maven Wes Craven, alternately mocked and graced tropes and slasher genre clichés through the eyes of “final girl” Sidney Prescott.

The next Ghostface victims – er, the lucky house guests – will have to pay their own fare to get to California, but once they get home, they’ll be treated by a socially distant janitor, by Airbnb. And if Covid-19 forces even the fictitious serial killer to cancel the stay, future guests will receive a $ 1,000 Airbnb travel credit.

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